Our self-conception - We are manager for manager

The GOiNTERIM  vision and our self-conception is based on following three basic maxims:

  1. We „understand“ real interim management
  2. We deliver results
  3. We implement

1. We „understand“ real interim management

Today’s economy is characterized through competitive markets and a dynamic and at least difficult environment for companies. Interim management provides companies with flexibility in resources and is therefore an essential part of the economic success in the sense of achievement of the company’s goals. 

The European foundation of interim management is in Sweden, where this service is based from a implementation oriented consulting company in 1962. The movement is spread very fast in the north European area. Today interim management is as an goal oriented tool in many European countries successfully implemented in various economic sectors and industries. In Germany and Switzerland for example is the market already developed and shows an increasing demand in the past few years. In Austria the start of interim management was very successful and is developing continuously.

Despite the spreading in many countries is the the definition of interim management not standardized and is also executed and lived very differently in life.

They know the management challenges from own assignments and in different business situations. 

GOiNTERIM is going a unique way! 

The partner and interim manager are committed to deliver and execute real interim management on the highest level. All managers have several years of expertise and leadership experience and have therefore an extensive and especially practical proven understanding of management and its relevance.

We understand interim management!

Moreover we have a clear understanding of interim management and its characteristics. We know what it is all about. Interim management is related to leadership and management positions, interim management means the temporary assignment of managers with specific experiences, which are necessary for the various tasks and situations and it means a focused procedure to achieve the customer’s objectives. THIS is what we understand of interim management!

„We understand interim management“ means:

  • Interim management and interim leadership on the first and second management level
  • Qualitative selection process by GOiNTERIM
  • Several years of management expertise on international level
  • Proven success in leadership positions with SMUs and multinational groups

2. We deliver results

All our actions are guided by the principle: we say what we can, we do what we say, we lead to success what we do. As a second maxim GOiNTERIM achieves the customer’s goals and above in all interim assignments and projects.

How we achieve that:

  • We are motivated to deliver results
  • We work goal-oriented and deliver realizable results – we are convinced from our results
  • The focus is continuously the customer and his goal achievement

It is all about results, period!

3. We implement

The GOiNTERIM partner and manager have an excellent track record in different management positions, industries and challenges of business situations. All together have a hands-on mentality and doer. Through broad experience and a wide know-how we prove our implementation strength in all interim assignments. We do not only talk, we act! We implement! 

  • Broad know-how regarding solution for complex business situations and challenging management projects
  • The spectrum of experience and assignment in general management, restructuring, operations, supply chain management, finance & controlling as far as sales and marketing.
  • Clear commitment to implementation and compliance of the  „80/20-rule“



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We are recruting Interim Manager of all industries and all functional areas!
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