Training is our duty!

GOiNTERIM is engaged to a continuous training and education of their interim manager to conform and achieve the own set quality standard. We offer a broad spectrum of individual training and education opportunities. The choices are offered and complemented by our co-operations partner.

Internal Training

GOiNTERIM conducts internal training for interim manager and partner.As part of the GOiNTERIM teams all interim manager have the opportunity to learn from other team members - training on the job. This is an effective training method which is supported by GOiNTERIM through partner meetings, informal meetings and chats, exchange of ideas and discussions in our office and many additional activities. Essential is the main idea and our enterprise philosophy of being a well-rehearsed interim management team: we know each other and can learn from each other and therefore benefit. In the menu item News / Events you can find the current events and dates.

Assignment Management / Mentoring

One USP - unique selling proposition - of our company is an active and seriously lived assignment management, also called mentoring. We conduct with all interim management projects an assignment management in the sense of a quality ensuring shadow management.

What does that mean?

A senior and experiences partner of GOiNTERIM - called the assignment manager - will be allocated and provided to all interim management assignments and projects. He is in charge of the assignment from the very beginning and will be accompany the whole project. The assignment manager is the first contact for the customer (single point of conduct) and is responsible for the consultation and the achievement of the goals throughout the whole assignment. In the operative assignment the assignment manager conducts a continuous consultation and adjustment with the customer and the interim manager. This consultation is agreed with the customer and will be conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The assignment manager clarifies the progress of the assignment, analyzes the reasons for potential deviation and also possible solutions together with interim manager and agrees adjustments and additional requests resp. goals from the customer. With this active companionship of the assignments the quality of the project and the satisfaction of the customer is dramatically boosted. At the same time the assignment manager has the functionality of a sparring partner for the assigned interim manager. The assignment management is therefore an essential success factor for the GOiNTERIM assignments and projects. The satisfaction and customer references are the best evidence. As an interim manager you will benefit from this service as well. You have a sparring partner on your side, who accompanies you through his experience and expertise in the assignment. There is the possibility to discuss various issues and challenges within the assignment with the assignment manager as a second interim manager. We consider the assignment management as an important and very active part of all interim management assignments. The training effects and the "aha"-experience also from our most experienced interim managers confirm the successful application of this Shadow Management Tool.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit

The Dutch university Nyenrode with Prof. Dr. Jacques Reijniers, MBA is an important co-operation partner for training and education. Not only at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit (Netherlands) but also on several other universities where Prof. Reijniers lectures (e.g. (EBS European Business School) we support the theoretical education of our interim managers.

Paper and lectures

A small but important part of training possibilities are various presentation, lectures and papers, readings and discussions which are conducted and organized from GOiNTERIM. Within our partner meetings and special events together with our interim managers and customers and also during active assignments we conduct presentations and lectures of case studies. The lecturers and readers are experiences interim manager, industry specialists and international known lecturers.

On an international level we co-operate with our partners abroad. We facilitates our interim managers the attendance and the participation at international conferences and congresses (e.g. CEE Interim Management CONFERENCE in Budapest, conference of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit & the Nyenrode Association Chapter Interim Management, and much more.)

Interim Manager Academy (Interim Menedzser Akadémia Kft.)

The Interim Manager Academy in Budapest conducts regular training programs and education in the area of interim management. The academy co-operates with the Interim Executives Program of the EBS (European Business School - EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht).

For our interim managers there are several training opportunities and offerings on an international level. We are happy to inform you.

More offers and individual possibilities

Training and education is essential important which is not only a saying for GOiNTERIM. Convince yourself and contact us today. We look forward to it!

By the way: Our offerings and support for training and education is not dedicated to registered interim managers but is also valid and possible for all interested managers. There is no need to be registered with GOiNTERIM.


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