Meet our Interim Executives and TOP Manager!

We can provide the best manager and experts in various areas through our qualified selection process. The selection criteria of GOiNTERIM are very ambitious and bound to a high standard. Therefore we know our managers very well and are able to present in your company the managers with the best fit (matching principle).

All managers and executives running through a management audit which is conducted from at least two GOiNTERIM partners. References and the whole track record will be verified and tested very detailed and closely. A further warrant for the right interim managers for our customers!

Please read about our Partner.Room.

The Partner.Room is made up of experienced senior partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Due to this overall representation of the GOiNTERIM Partners in the whole Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) we are very close to the customers, we are very fast in project planning and adjustments as well as very efficient in the assignment management and execution of assignments.

All partners represent GOiNTERIM and have successfully conducted many interim management assignments and projects either alone or together with our managers out of the GOiNTERIM team. They represent GOiNTERIM, bring in their international network and are responsible for sales and strategy.

The advantage is, we know each other!

Dr. Alexandra Mayr

Frau Dr. Mayr ist promovierte Betriebswirtin im Fachbereich Interim Management und Unternehmensführung. Seit 2008 setzt sie erfolgreich Consulting und Interim Projekte im In- und Ausland um und bringt darüber hinaus ihre theoretische und praktische Erfahrung in die internationale Projektbesetzung von Interim Projekten ein.

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Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Haslauer

Reinhard Haslauer is an expert in supply chain management. He has extensive experience in primary industry and in logistics. In addition to customers in the refractory industry, he has worked extensively for industrial companies in the field of wood and pulp industry. His skills and competences cover the analytical processing, the conversion and implementation of efficiency improvement programs in the supply chain as well as workshops. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in the development of businesses and downsizing in the   public transport industry. Reinhard Haslauer works for many years very successful as a manager and project manager / consultant in the industry. He has a track record of international interim management positions form  Central Eastern Europe (CEE) to the US for mid-sized companies up  to international corporations and groups.

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Dipl.-Kfm. Frank Hemer

Frank Hemer has several years experience as a top executive and interim manager for international customers. His expertise is beside the functional areas of finance and controlling in logistics, IT and human resources mainly   in the implementation and management of operational restructuring projects. Frank follows its own work and leadership philosophy: Entrepreneurial thinking and acting (the contribution to the whole counts). Focusing with stringent result orientation, strong in corporate analysis, high problem solving skills, cooperative and pragmatic leadership style (theme: Being a human and remain a human with enthusiasm for the task / results and the joy of teamwork). His industry expertise ranges from metal, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plant / exhibition engineering, services (clinical trials), food retailing.

Michael Lanik

In the area of Interim Leadership and Management Michael Lanik has been considered one of the leading Chief Restructuring Officer / CROs in medium-sized companies to public traded corporations. He has many years of management experience in all major functional areas as well as many years of successful interim management experience with a focus on restructuring and turnaround. In addition to these operational and management functions Michael Lanik works in some supervisory and advisory mandates. Not least, he is very successful as investment advisor and consultant for private equity and venture capital funds. His industry and interim management experience covers many industries, such as IT / communication technology, plant and machine engineering, automotive industry, consumer goods, wholesale, technical services, and waste management and recycling.

Dr. Andreas Lonkai

As a strong industry expert in the field of branded foods (Food, Beverages) and Non Food Andreas Lonkai works for nearly 30 years in the industry, including more than 20 successful years as Manager and Managing Director as well as interim manager. In addition to his leadership and management activities, he is also an experienced manager and project manager in the Central, Eastern and Southeastern European area by a variety of tasks and projects in CEE / SEE.

Dr. Martin L. Mayr, MBA

Since several years Martin Mayr is as an interim CFO und CRO in SMUs as well as international group structures responsible for the successful and sustaining implementation of corporate restructuring and turnarounds as well as the setup and managing of international business developments. 

Martin is specialized in assignments for public listed companies, private equity through to SME businesses that urgently require General Managers, CEOs or Managing Directors to support and lead their businesses. He has proven leadership skills in the boardroom to manage stakeholders, manage the core responsibility of financial and performance management and to provide real insight and expertise. 

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Dr. Dirk Mengen

Dirk Mengen has strong technical and commercial expertise in industrial purchasing, strategic risk and potential analysis and international negotiation skills. With more than 15 years industry experience as a manager and director of purchasing he is working as an interim manager in various industries. He focuses on procurement optimization, contract design, carve-out in the area purchasing, supplier performance and procurement controlling, training and coaching of the purchase department.

His motto:

"In the area of purchasing there is always potential that brings in a multiple of the invested effort / costs"

Ulrich Wrede

Ulrich Wrede has more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in operations and production management of small and medium sized companies up to international groups. After several years of management responsibility up to technical managing director positions he has been a senior interim manager for more than 10 years now on the first and second management level within successful assignments for manufacturing and technique. 

Beside production and technique he is specialized in operative restructuring and turnarounds of industrial enterprises, in the set up and optimization of manufacturing processes and construction cycles, in international relocations (especially Eastern Europe) and in carve out projects within corporate acquisitions (Private equity). Ulrich’s main industry experience ranges from chemistry, furniture and fixtures industry, packaging industry, glass industry to machine building industry, engineering and automotive. 

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