Scope / Industries

The partner and interim manager of GOiNTERIM are independent interim manager and senior executives with several years of successful track record. We take over management tasks on a short term basis and economic challenges with full P&L responsibility with the first second. We cover all interim management services:


  • Vacancies/ running business
  • Extraordinary tasks / special business situations
  • Project management
  • Consulting activities

GOiNTERIM is specialized in the management tasks restructuring, optimization and special strategic topics. With our broad manager basis in the Partner.Room and the Member.Room we can for sure provide management capacity for all functional areas and business tasks. We are a full range provider/supplier for providing senior interim management services for organizations who need executives on a short term basis to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or program, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or transform their business.

You get all from one source. Please consult us!

Main focus and service range of GOiNTERIM



  • We understand leadership in crisis situations.
  • Our objective is the sustaining success for our customers.
  • GOiNTERIM provides an interim executive with restructuring experience in the shortest time.The interim professional takes over the full P&L and implementation responsibility as statutory representative
  • When needed we can provide an experienced and well-established team for the enterprise analysis and change implementation (GOaNALYSIS).
  • Our principles: Cash saving and generating // take over control // increase stakeholder trust


  • Optimization and improvement of the company or business units to strengthen the competitiveness.
  • GOiNTERIM provides key senior executives and experienced interim manager in the area of performance improvement, cost optimization, cash management, sales growth and process optimization.
  • All our assignments are characterized by sound and profound analysis, close coordination with the customer efficient implementation and clear communication.
  • We deliver measurable results. The goal is sustaining successes for the customers!

Special Topics

GOiNTERIM consists and can provide experienced interim manager with successes in difficult business situations and/or strategic issues (e.g.):

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Development 
  • Strategy
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Project and program management
  • Internationalization



The voices of the GOiNTERIM® customers all speak for themselves…

Schur Flexibles Group

The engaging of a GOiNTERIM® manager facilitates the fast and optimal implementation of the company acqusition and financing. A cash flow planning was according best practice installed, the working capital management optimized and the overall transaction professionel supported and managed. we were able to reach all our group objectives and to keep the set deadlines for signing and closing. The interim manager contributes his expertise to tha assignment and was skilled and has several years of practical experience and compareable project succeses, which exceeds our project requirements. 

DI. Jakob A. Mosser
Chief Executive Officer
und Co-Owner
 Schur Flexibles Group