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In different business situations a company does not want or cannot handle management tasks with in-house resources. Situations mentioned such as the increasing need for management attention in a business unit or in a subsidiary abroad, restructuring of an entity with poor operational results or an interim solution due to missing in-house management resources.

In all cases with shortage of time, with little in-house know-how or simply with limited management resources GOiNTERIM provides the solution!

GOiNTERIM® is your Solution!

® - the First Address

  • Over 350 successful assignments

  • International references

  • Several awards

Network of the best Interim Managers

  • International experienced partners

  • > 2.500 qualified interim managers

  • Member of worldwide network (54 countries)

Quality and Professionality 

  • Multistage selection process / Assessment

  • Professional briefing

  • Mandats management


GOiNTERIM® is provider of interim managers with several years of successful track record. We take over timely limited management tasks and business challenges with full P&L responsibility from the first second. We cover the full scope of interim management services, which is:

  • Vacancies / daily business
  • Exceptional tasks / special situations
  • Project management
  • Consulting activities

Why work with us - your added value?

  • Know-how transfer through additional know-how in specific functional area or field. Beside additional management resources you will get new and external know-how from GOiNTERIM. Our partners and interim managers have a profound theoretical know-how through national/international university and post graduate degrees. Furthermore they have several years of operational management expertise on an international level. All this experience and know-how is immediately available for your company.
  • Short term availabbility of our motivated partners and interim managers. The manager with the perfect fit is available and operative in your company within few days!
  • Fast take over and quick acting. With the assignment of an interim manager you can react very fast and flexible to various business situations. We can relieve and support very fast your executives in urgent projects and vacancies.
  • We are focused on results and successes. In every interim assignment we set clear goals through structured clarification of the status quo and the objectives with the customer. Which we achieve! Our activities and decisions are aligned with your project success. The successes of our interim assignments certify not only the achievement of the customer objectives but moreover the outperformance of them. The highest goal is the sustaining implementation and a long term guarantee of the results.
  • We take over the operative responsibility and key roles. Interim management differs from pure consulting on taking over the management responsibility. We implement the agreed activities and projects autonomous, take over the leadership and management from the first second and carry the operative responsibility. As external managers we are more independent, not entangled in rope teams and can therefore make and implement – also unpopular - decisions more efficient and effective.
  • We secure our position on the highest quality level. GOiNTERIM is a well-established team of senior partners and top executives. We have the experience and optimize resp. increase the “quality” and qualification of our partners and interim managers through active mentoring within and outside our assignments and projects. We know each other and learn steadily from each other! Moreover the quality is secured with a strict and qualitatively selection process. Only the best interim managers with long term experience and successful track record on top management level become part of our team.
  • Optimal cost management. All GOiNTERIM managers have a long term and profound finance and project controlling experience. This enables us promptly to optimize the finance structure, to secure the survival of the company and to integrate the necessary controlling tools.
  • Interim management is the alternative to an employed manager at optimal costs. Studies prove a savings with 50% and more! All costs can be calculated upfront and depending on assigned days 100% variable.
  • With an active assignment management the (project) success and the goal achieving are guaranteed. You are well informed about the status of the interim project at all times, you know the actual situation and you have an optimal project controlling. In a weekly or bi-weekly assignment management you can make the essential decisions, determine the further proceeding and adjust the content resp. task to the various situations and requirements.


Dr. Martin L. Mayr
Executive Partner 


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You will get a good and informative overview of our services and offers in the GOiNTERIM company presentation.