Customer individuell approach by standardized methodology

The GOiNTERIM partner and interim manager are senior leadership personalities and experienced managers who have are familiar with many different business situations and entrepreneurial challenges and have proven success in dealing with them.

Our approach and methodology are customized under consideration of the experience and specific knowhow to the various business situations. Common to all resulting different and specific approaches and procedures are joint tasks and processes of leadership.

The GOiNTERIM® approach consists of seven essential tasks of holistic leadership

The following graph shows these seven tasks with the essential processes

1) New Management

Successful interim management projects and assignments require first and foremost setup the right management team. Changes and optimization can only be reached and implemented with the right people. GOiNTERIM provides with the partners and interim managers the proven and necessary experience and expertise on senior management level. We definitively follow this direction with our holistic analysis of the GOaNALYSIS, to lead interim assignments to success through experienced and well-established management team.


The right interim manager demonstrates from the first second that he is the new leader. He has to take over the leadership role and emphasis the urgency and importance of the project and the task. Goal is to establish a so called sense of urgency with all key managers and employees in the host company.

2) (Crisis) Management

GOiNTERIM is called in urgent economic challenges and in special business situations. This requires quick actions and immediate service and operation. With the experience of the GOiNTERIM partner and interim manager we can do a fast analysis of the actual situation, immediately start with the necessary tasks and projects respectively implement and prioritize the essential causes according their importance. There is one important issue, the stabilizing has to be done immediately!

The main tasks of an interim manager in this phase are:

  • Preserve / generate cash
  • Take over control
  • Take tough decisions
  • Demonstrate and retain visible leadership
  • Increase stakeholder trust
  • Gain quick wins
  • Deal with disagreement

3) Stakeholder Management

In the beginning of an interim management assignments or parallel to it in the project implementation the issue of stakeholder management and analysis is of central importance. The goal is to achieve a common understanding of the status quo of the company and to build up and/or optimize the trust and relation between the company and the stakeholder. GOiNTERIM is conducting a standardized and structured stakeholder analysis. It is possible to for the interim manager to recognize the important and powerful stakeholders, their demands and goals and what are the related options. It is possible to achieve an optimal balance between the demands of the company and the demands of the stakeholders. We have several years of experience in negotiation and communication with all essential stakeholders, which are mainly work council/unions, customers, employees, suppliers and financing partners / banks. You benefit immediately from our expertise.

4) Strategic Focus

Beside the short term type of problem and immediate tasks is our experience that all management challenges and several interim assignments in the past have a strategic focus. Furthermore our GOiNTERIM team recognizes regularly in our projects that the achievement of the set goals and the value increase is only possible with a clear strategic focus. Particularly the strategic approach is an essential leadership task: Determination of the status quo, analysis of strategic options - WHAT, WHERE, HOW? The GOiNTERIM team knows and uses strategic tools, is experienced with strategic reviews, strategy development and implementation and the application of strategic action / performance controlling.

5) Organization

In many interim projects and assignments are adjustment of the organization and optimization of the structural organization a crucial part. Change management more or less in all interim management challenges. In our assignments we find complex structures, weaknesses in responsibilities and necessary change due to the business development. We are experienced in structuring of a lean and efficient organization, in implementation of the necessary actions to organizational change and in the communication of change management.

6) Process Improvement

Depending on task and volume of the project the processes and workflows have to be optimized. In a holistic approach and on management and leadership level all core areas have to be analyzed and if needed be optimized. Our partners and interim managers have several years of experience in all essential business areas - e.g. human resources, finance, IT/MIS, purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain management SCM / logistics and sales. The GOiNTERIM approach is more than simple cost cutting, we understand process optimization and a holistic level in the sense of implementation and achievement of the goals of the customers.

7) Financial Restructuring

Financial restructuring and optimization is not only in crisis situations an essential task of interim management. GOiNTERIM has partner and interim manager with several years of experience in the positions of a finance director and CFO of small and medium sized companies up to international groups. In several of our projects we negotiated the optimizing of the finance structure and were able to exceed the customer objectives. It was possible to sustainably and secure on a long term the success for the customers and the companies.

Comprehensive tasks of interim manager

Within all seven before mentioned tasks - especially in special situations like restructuring - it is important and necessary to address the fundamental and life threatening problems and issues immediately. Do not look away, do not scratch on the surface but point out and tackle the essential issues with demonstrate and involve yourself personally as the leader. It is important to analyze, recognize and solve the underlying causes. Effective management starts with the causes and enables therefore the sustaining goal achievement and success of the customers. Third general task is the necessity of a broad and intensive planning and design of all tasks and projects in scope and extent to be able to solve all core issues. Only with a comprehensive and complete implementation of the tasks and challenges all goals of the customer can be reached sustainable.

There are common characteristics for interim management and leadership in all situations.

  • Fast, clear and short term set and develop of goals and priorities
  • Demonstrate visible authority
  • Set expectations and enforce standards
  • Decisive and definite - fast implementation and decisions
  • Permanent communication with al stakeholders
  • Setup of trust and confidence through honest and transparent behavior
  • During implementation and change management authoritarian management style


  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Development and articulation of a vision and strategic direction
  • Implementation of positive culture
  • Awareness of own weaknesses
  • Extensive management and leadership qualities (the right thing at the right time)



What our GOiNTERIM® customers say…

CaseTech GmbH

With the senior and professional interim executive partner of GOiNTERIM it was able to build up the group wide finance area of the medium sized manufacturing group. The finance organization was setup and implemented on an international level. Processes and sytems for the corporate management were fast and efficent implemented and setup. The return o the manufacturing group (retunr on sales - ROS) increased international level and therefore the competitive postion improved substantially.

Jens Rösler
General Manager 
CaseTech GmbH