GOiNTERIM with clear and transparent project implementation

The Implementation of projects is aligned and streamlined with the demands and the specific company's situations. As the customer you are able to determine the steps and processes and make a choice from several modules. In general at GOiNTERIM we do have a standardized and overall valid procedure model.

The following graph shows an oversight of the procedure mode

1) First contact

In the first contact with the customer we clarify and analyze the company’s situation and the goal. We can optimally support this process due to our experience and know-how from several interim assignments and management tasks. After a first analysis of the company’s situation potential solutions are drafted and structured. We define which management capacities are necessary to achieve the goals, what main issues need to be solved and which conditions have to be considered. In this the stage of project an assignment manager (AM) is designated. 

What is an assignment manager?

We are interested in a long term and strong relationship with our customers. The highest objective is the customer satisfaction. One of our unique selling propositions (USP) is this assignment management – in short AM. For all interim assignments and projects we provide an experienced and senior partner of GOiNTERIM. The main task of the assignment manager is to accompany the assignment from the very beginning. He/she is the first and direct contact (single point of conduct) to the customer and jointly responsible for the coordination and goal achievement.

In the interim project execution the assignment is doing a continuous coordination with the customer and also to the interim manager. This coordination is agreed with the customer takes place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The assignment manager clarifies the project progress, analyses together with the interim manager the causes and potential deviations as well the solutions and coordinates adaptions resp. additional demands and goals of the customer. Through this active companionship of the assignment the quality of the project and the customer satisfaction will be essentially increased. Moreover the assignment manager has also the function of a sparring partner for the interim manager in the execution. The assignment management is an essential success factor for all GOiNTERIM assignments and projects. The customer satisfaction and our references from customers certify the success.


Totally new is the brand new qualitative service provided by GOiNTERIM – a full and holistic analysis of the company and all processes of a GOiNTERIM team. We set up a team with partner and interim manager with experience in essential business functions. The team members know each other very well and are aware of their approach. This guarantees a fast and efficient analysis of your company. You will gain from our long term experience and partner teams.

The result is a comprehensive analysis report accompanied with first potential solutions. You as the customer can decide, which solution should be executed and in which order. Either we concentrate on the main issue and solve this immediately or a GOiNTERIM team is taking care about all problems and challenges in a team approach.

2) The right interim manager

After step one the company’s situation is analyzed and the tasks are defined with the customer. Next step is the clarification of the right interim manager for the challenge – best fit.

There is an essential differentiation to other interim management providers and especially from pure personal management consultants.

First: The selection is determined through a standard match between the customer’s demands and the track record of the GOiNTERIM partner and interim manager. This selection is being executed by two partners in a 4-eye principle. So the high quality standard and the internal GOiNTERIM standard are fulfilled. 

Second: Our customers get at the latest within one week 2-3 qualified interim manager profiles for the various task. In the past we had several interim assignments were the interim manager was operative and in charge on the next day.

3) Customer’s selection

After receiving of 2-3 qualified GOiNTERIM partner and interim manager the customer does the selection. The manager profiles will be discussed and analyzed together with the assignment manager (AM). You the customer will profit from our active partnership, we know each other, the partner have already worked together in interim assignments. Therefore the GOiNTERIM partner can inform and consult the customer on a higher level and with deeper insight beside the hard facts in the profile and track record.

After the first selection we will arrange interviews with this short list of qualified interim managers. These interviews are very important and ideally are accompanied and moderated by an assignment manager. The customer is being accompanied and optimal supported through the whole selection process.

4) Execution of the assignment

Speed is the criteria for interim management. GOiNTERIM proves in all interim assignments the fastest deployment and quickest start of a qualified partner and interim manager.  The reaction time was in the past assignments many times some few days (call Friday and start of project Monday at the company’s site).

All partners and interim managers have several years of experience and solved similar business situations very successful. Therefore our interim managers have the ability to take over the full responsibility from the first second. As a distinction to fixed employed managers interim manager do not need a practice or incorporation. We staff our assignments with partners and interim managers with experience and expertise far beyond the core requirements. This enables the approach of a start implementation from scratch (“hit the ground running” according Reijniers).

During the whole assignment the project steps, goal achievement and potential adaptions of monthly results and/or tasks are monitored and accompanied from the assignment manager. He is jointly responsible for an active communication with the customer and for a full transparency of the project progress and goal achievements. The task and project does not end with the finalization of the assignment but starts actually on that stage. We are always the first contact and pursue the customer’s targets. 

5) Closing of the assignment

The customer satisfaction is GOiNTERIM’s highest objective. Only if the goals of the customer are achieved an assignment and project can be defined as closed. If the customer’s goal is achieved and the interim assignment closed the interim manager delivers a comprehensive final report. With a debriefing resp. closing meeting the assignment is jointly discussed and the final report handed to the customer. This report contains the definitive customer approval of the goal achievement. If appropriate and needed next step is the training and handing over to a successor. We stay as a mentor and/or board member after closing of an active assignment and are available for questions and support.

What our GOiNTERIM customers say …

worldwide leading deposit bank

The outsourcing project to Eastern Europe could be successfully closed through the assignment of a GOiNTERIM manager. With a professional project management tools and techniques we were able to achieve the determined goals for the project. 

The interim manager had profound experience in the leading of international (outsourcing) projects and in the implementation of restructuring assignments. The transition to Eastern Europe was successfully managed and fulfilled. The interim manager assignment was the ideal an efficient solution.

Dieter Schröder
Finance Manager
worldwide leading deposit bank