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The GOiNTERIM partner and interim manager have managed a lot of different and various business situations and economic challenges in the past years. These successful results and experiences are the basis for our successful interim assignments.

Following we chart some of our assignments and interim projects as an example. Additionally we list the feedback and references of some customers for your information.



References of Assignments (Abstract)


Based on our experience of over 350 assignments we can Show examples of successful Interim assignments on an international basis. On an international field we can refer to an international Network in over 54 countries worldwide.


Managing Director / CEO


Managing Director Retail, Austria

60 Mil.€ Sales

Takeover of overall responsibility of a retail company for auto parts, positioning, Setup and international business development, team building and installation of a new corporate culture


Interim CEO Manufacturing industry, USA

40 Mio.$ sales

Post-merger integration of a manufacturing company in the U.S.A., corporate restructuring of the site and reorganization, partial relocation to newly acquired subsidiaries of the group.


CTO/CRO Automotive supplier, Germany

85 Mil. € sales

Operative management of the production companies in the automotive supply industry, optimization of production processes, adaptation of the organizational structure, business development and turnaround.



Board of Directors / Special Assignments


Supervisory Board Health care, Great Britain

270 Mil. GBP sales

Member of the Supervisory Board of a service company in the healthcare sector, strategic leadership, shaping and implementation of corporate policy, closure and downsizing of non-core areas.



Advisor to the board Private Equity, Österreich

130 Mio.€ Umsatz

Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors und Investoren, Beratung bei der finanziellen Strukturierung und Verhandlung mit Kreditgebern, Übernahme des Post Acquisition Managements. 


Advisor to the board, BoD, Italy

Private Equity

Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, consulting during due diligence phase, industry know-how and market insights within the M&A process, valuation and deal structuring, take over as part of the BoD.





Interim CRO Chemistry/Food, Germany/Poland

70 Mil.€ sales

Restructuring of a medium-sized industrial group, carve-out after corporate acquisition, relocation of a facility to Eastern Europe, reorganization of the group and new strategic implementation.


Interim CRO Furniture Manufacturing, Great Britain

1.750 Mil. $ sales

Turnaround manager and restructuring manager / CRO of an international office furniture manufacturer, heading of the operational restructuring and project management, stakeholder management, negotiation with banks and investors.


Prseident of the Board / CRO Construction, Serbia

40 Mil. € Sales

Interim President of a publicly listed comapny, Squeeze Out process, managing of the M&A process and successful sale of assets.


Interim CRO Mechanical construction, Germany

100 Mio.€ sales

Operational and financial restructuring of the company as restructuring manager, expand of the global presence and activities including sales, stabilization and expansion of the business.


Interim CRO Education, Great Britain / USA

10 Mio.£ sales

Restructuring of a medium-sized manufacturing company, carve-out from public listed  company after corporate acquisition, relocation of production to Germany, reorganization of the group.



CFO/CRO – project management corporate restructuring


Interim CFO/CRO Logistic/Transportation, Austria

500 Mil.€ sales

Restructuring of a strategic business unit, reorganization and change management, development of a best practice financial department, performance improvement and raise of earnings for the whole company.


Project management Plastic industry, Germany

40 Mil.€ sales

Project management of the turnaround of a medium-sized company in the plastics industry, process optimization and efficiency improvements, restructuring in sales, calculation, design, manufacturing and MIS implementation.



Project Management / IT / ERP


Interim PMO Credit institution, Germany / CEE

1000 Mio.€ sales

Outsourcing and relocation of the finance department of all European subsidiaries to CEE, Management of the transition and structuring of the Shared Service Centers, reorganization and staff reduction in Europe.


ERP/IT management Food industry, Germany

35 Mio.€ sales

Operational IT management, design, planning and implementation of the central IT project involving the implementation of a new ERP software, management of the enterprise-wide project teams.


Project Management FMCG, Austria

70 Mil. € Sales

Takeover of the project management and lead of the corporate wide strategy project, project structuring, reporting and management of all sub projects, steering committee.


Project Manager Automotive, Austria, Germany, Spain

250 Mil. € Sales

Project management and leading in the product development for a premium OEM, coordination all sub projects and teams, design, development, production and quality, contact person for the OEM and troubleshooting with full responsibility



Production / Operation / SCM


Production manager Plastic industry, Germany

35 Mil.€ sales

Production manager of a production company in the plastics processing, reorganization of production, adaptation of the production layout, reengineering, improvement and optimization of all production processes.


Production management Wood machining, Germany

150 Mio.€ sales

Restructuring and production management, in particular layout change and staff reduction on international level, process optimization in all stages of production and assembly plant in Eastern Europe.


Head of SCM Process Industry, Germany

80 Mil.€ Sales

Head of Supply Chain Management / SCM, optimizing of production planning, consolidation of the product assortment and working capital reduction



Sales / Marketing


Sales management Packaging, Austria

90 Mil.€ sales

Interim Sales Manager, design and implementation of a new sales organization, optimization of sales processes, business development and internationalization, key account management.


Marketing & Sales Manager FMCG, Germany

600 Mil.€ sales

Interim Vice President of Marketing & Sales of a production company in the consumer goods (FMCG), sales management, conception and implementation of the sales strategy, managing the sales organization.



Finance / Controlling


Interim head of Controlling Utilities, Austria CEE

800 Mil.€ sales

Design and optimization of management accounting and finance department, implementation of a decentralized financial controlling / division controlling including an matrix organization, medium-term / budget planning and reporting.


Interim CFO Plastic industry, Germany

35 Mil.€ sales

Financial restructuring and negotiating with financial institutions, cash management and planning, optimization of the ERP system, reorganization and management of the company.


Head of Controlling Metal Industry, Germany

300 Mil.€ Sales

Interim Head of Controlling, liquidity management, optimization of controlling organization, setup of modern controlling tools on an international basis, implementation new budgeting process.



Human Resources


Interim HR Retail, Austria/Germany

600 Mil.€ Sales

Interim Head of Human Resources, operational responsibility for all international HR issues including stores, support of the strategy process and implementation, project lead and management for a M&A and sale of company parts


Head of Salary&Wages Production Company, Austria

120 Mil.€ Sales

Takeover responsibility of the process for salary&wages, leading of the team, operative process for the salary statement, project management implementation new salary system.




Our project success is determined through the achievement of the customer’s goals   and the customer satisfaction …

… voices and references from our customers:

The engaging of a GOiNTERIM manager facilitates the fast and optimal implementation of the company acquisition and financing. A cash flow planning was according best practice installed, the working capital management optimized and the overall transaction professional supported and managed. 

We were able to reach all our group objectives and to keep the set deadlines for signing and closing. The interim manager contributes his expertise to the assignment and was skilled and has several years of practical experience and comparable project successes, which exceeds our project requirements..

DI. Jakob A. Mosser, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Schur Flexibles Group

The GOiNTERIM partner was an extraordinary personality with high management and leadership experience. He had our fullest trust and confidence.

As an international experienced interim manager he was able to execute the post-merger integration and restructuring very successful. With professional expertise and practical experience in difficult situations he setup and build up the whole finance area of the international group. All enterprise processes were optimized and streamlined. As a result our corporate goals were outperformed and the restructuring successfully finished.

Dr. Ulf Lange, Board member ADCURAM Group AG

The outsourcing project to Eastern Europe could be successfully closed through the assignment of a GOiNTERIM manager. With a professional project management tools and techniques we were able to achieve the determined goals for the project. The interim manager had profound experience in the leading of international (outsourcing) projects and in the implementation of restructuring assignments. The transition to Eastern Europe was successfully managed and fulfilled. The interim manager assignment was the ideal an efficient solution.

Dieter Schröder, Finance Manager worldwide leading deposit bank

With the senior and professional interim executive partner of GOiNTERIM it was able to build up the group wide finance area of the medium sized manufacturing group. The finance organization was setup and implemented on an international level.

Processes and systems for the corporate management were fast and efficient implemented and setup.

The return of the manufacturing group (return on sales - ROS) increased international on a material level and therefore the competitive position improved substantially.

Jens Rösler, Geschäftsführer CaseTech GmbH


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