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Leadership & Management

In everything we do, we are guided by the vision of positioning and further expanding GOiNTERIM®as the leading provider of TOP executives and leaders, interim managers, consultants and permanent employees.

Our vision is to build an international TOP brand or TOP company and to clearly stand out from the competition through our extraordinary commitment on many levels.

GOiNTERIM® as international specialist and recognized brand for absolute leadership and management competence

We achieve this vision through strategic goals and concrete measures:

Satisfied customers

The customer always comes first and foremost! Each mandate is focused on the achievement of the client’s goals and the client’s satisfaction. Success is determined solely by the customer.

Demonstrable success

Results and successes are the motivation for our actions. The managers placed by GOiNTERIM® have proven success and results in various management positions and interim mandates.

Clear positioning

We have a clear and unambiguous understanding of interim management as a leadership and management service provided by senior executives at first and second management and executive levels. GOiNTERIM® thus clearly positions itself at the (hierarchical) TOP level with a 100% commitment to quality.

Recognized experts and managers

Managers placed by GOiNTERIM® have several years of leadership responsibility, an excellent track record at management level and international experience in a wide variety of business situations and economic challenges. We guarantee this through a selective selection process, through a consistent 4-eyes principle and through quality-assuring mandate management.

All sectors and industries

With 6,000 managers in our network, we have extensive sector and industry experience and can offer, for example, qualified management personnel, freelancers and consultants in all industries.

Leading the way

GOiNTERIM® decidedly wants to take a pioneering role. A clear positioning at TOP management level, qualified interim managers, numerous successful interim mandates and satisfied customers stand for this pioneering role.

Further development of interim management

Interim management, the market, the market spread and the areas of application are in constant change. This is a mandate for our company to constantly develop further. We support this through cooperation with universities and further education institutions, with partner programs in the field of interim management and restructuring, and through close links to science combined with external teaching and scientific publications.

International partnership

We see ourselves as an international partnership through international interim managers and international interim mandates. We strengthen this international orientation through our cooperation with interim management companies abroad. As a result, we have a larger network of international managers at our disposal and can also deploy local managers (native speakers) in the mandates in many areas.

OUR SELF UNDERSTANDING: We are managers for managers

The GOiNTERIM® vision and our self-image are based on the following three fundamental maxims:

Today’s economy is characterized by competitive markets and a dynamic and mostly difficult environment for businesses. Interim management offers companies resource flexibility and thus becomes an essential component of economic success in the sense of achieving the company’s goals.

The European origins of interim management lie in Sweden, where the service emerged from an implementation-oriented consulting firm in 1962 and subsequently spread rapidly throughout the Northern European region. Today, interim management is successfully used in numerous European countries as a goal-oriented management tool in key economic sectors and industries. In Germany and Switzerland, for example, the market is already well developed and has seen rising demand in recent years. The use of interim management is now also widespread in Austria, albeit at a lower level than in Germany.

Despite its widespread use in many countries, the term interim management is not uniformly defined and is also used differently in practice.

GOiNTERIM® goes its own way here!
Our claim is to offer and implement real interim management at the highest level. The managers we employ have many years of expertise and management experience and thus have a comprehensive and, above all, field-tested understanding of management and its importance. They know the management challenges from their own mandates and in different corporate situations.

We understand Interim Management!
Furthermore, we have a clear understanding of interim management and what makes it stand out. Interim management has to do with business management and leadership positions, interim management means the temporary use of managers with specific experience that matches the task and situation at hand, and it means a focused approach to achieving the client’s goals. THIS is what we mean by interim management!

“We understand interim management” means:

  • Interim management and interim leadership at first and second management level
  • Qualitative selection process at GOiNTERIM®.
  • Years of management expertise at an international level
  • Proven track record in leadership positions with SMEs and multinational corporations

We are always guided by the principle: what we can, we say; what we say, we do; and what we do, we complete successfully. The second maxim for GOiNTERIM® mandates and projects is the achievement of the agreed targets or beyond.

How we make it happen:

  • We are motivated to deliver results
  • We work in a targeted manner and deliver actionable results – we are convinced of our results
  • The focus is always on the customer and the achievement of his goals.

It’s about results, period!

The managers employed by GOiNTERIM® have an excellent track record in various management positions, industries and tasks. What they all have in common is a hands-on and doer mentality. Thanks to their extensive experience and broad know-how, they prove their implementation strength in all mandates. They don’t just talk, they do! You implement!

  • Broad know-how concerning the solution of complex business situations and challenging management projects
  • The range of experience and fields of application from general management, restructuring, operations, supply chain management, finance & controlling to sales and marketing
  • Clear commitment to implementing and following the “80/20 rule”


Across the company, GOiNTERIM applies essential values in interim projects and mandates. Interim managers are also committed to these values. In this way, we create a common understanding and commitment to quality and sustainably ensure a successful path for our customers.

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