Supervisory Boards & Advisory Boards

You find it difficult to set up an experienced supervisory board?

For ideal quality management in all projects and topics, your company needs a qualified, independent supervisory board.

An established supervisory body is required by law especially for stock corporations, investment companies, KGaAs, SEs, cooperatives and credit institutions. Very few companies are aware of how such a committee is set up.

GOiNTERIM supports you in staffing your supervisory board and provides you with experts with the specific experience background you need.

When establishing a supervisory board, a company should focus primarily on future challenges. This can be a new corporate strategy, the organization of a corporate succession or an international scaling strategy. A successful supervisory board is made up of independent personalities with appropriate professional experience - for example from comparable companies.

Dr. Martin L. Mayr

Are you looking for immediate support with a high level of expertise that will lead your project to success quickly and safely? We are here for you.

Reference projects, e.g. on the subject of supervisory board and advisory board

Supervisory Board

Great Britain
270 million £ turnover

Supervisory Board of a service company, strategic management, co-design and implementation of corporate policy, closure and downsizing of non-core areas.


Advisor to the board

Private equity
130 mio.€ turnover

Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, advising on financial structuring and negotiating with lenders, taking over post-acquisition management.


Advisor to the board

Advisory Board
Private equity

Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, consulting in the due diligence phase, industry expertise and market knowledge in the M&A process, valuation and strategic plan preparation and assumption of advisory board function.

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