Bridging vacancies: Equivalent and sustainable competencies

The shortage of skilled workers on the labor market is not the only reason for vacancies at senior management levels. Vacancies also occur when important employees, decision-makers and thus central interfaces suddenly disappear. As a result of such events, company divisions and sometimes entire departments may be neglected, project deadlines postponed, processes slowed down and production halted.

In times of need, positions are often not filled at all for a long time, or are filled incorrectly. As a result, technical and project-specific know-how is lacking. Due to the lack of resources and competence, unfavorable decisions are in turn made, which endanger the existence of the company.

The GOiNTERIM Manager minimizes the risk of vacancies and ensures that the conditions for quantitative and qualitative company growth are created.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

As a “vacancy bridger”, the GOiNTERIM Manager plans and implements operational processes, creates forecasts, initiates and continues change processes, conducts workshops, monitors initiatives and projects, and replaces the vacant position with equivalent and, above all, sustainable competencies.

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