Performance Improvement: For highest product and service quality as well as customer satisfaction

In many companies, performance potential is lying idle. Often, individual business units are affected; in some cases, the performance deficit runs through the entire organization. In both cases, the weaknesses result in serious impacts on the performance and results of the entire operation. Strategic performance improvement can reverse this disadvantage and sustainably increase the company’s competitiveness, cash position and value. The result is higher product and service quality and greater customer satisfaction.

The GOiNTERIM Manager assumes a key function in this process due to its operationally remote perspective. Together with the company’s leadership and management, he analyzes the decisive adjusting screws and develops a strategy for the sustainable improvement of performance and/or liquidity.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

In addition to a clear alignment of all processes to the target customers, meaningful key performance indicator systems are implemented and practical target processes are developed with the specialist departments as part of the performance improvement process. Strategies for internal and external communication as well as for personnel and organizational development ensure holistically effective implementation.

Reference projects, e.g. on the subject of performance improvement

Interim CRO

Furniture making
Great Britain
1,750 million $ turnover

Turnaround Managing Director and Restructuring Manager of an international office furniture manufacturer, Stakeholder Management<!-- AddThis ...

Interim CRO / P&L gap analysis and EBIT increase of a Tier 1 supplier

In the course of the earnings analysis, the P&L margin is to be examined and the profitability of the supplier is to be increased significantly....<!-- ...

From Chaos to Success: connecting trends and technologies to build up sustainable product portfolios

The B2B chemical company that serves to multiple end use markets was under pressure to quickly develop new sustainable products to capture the shifting demand ...

Interim CFO/CRO

Austria and CEE
500 mio.€ turnover
Restructuring of a strategic business unit, reorganization and change management, establishment of a best practice finance unit, ...

Sales Manager

90 mio.€ turnover
Interim sales manager, design and implementation of a new sales organization, optimization of sales processes, business development and internationalization, ...

Production Manager

35 mio.€ turnover
Production management in plastics processing, reorganization of production, adjustment of production layout, reengineering and improvement and optimization of all ...

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