Mergers & Acquisition: Successfully driving forward and concluding purchase processes

Mergers and acquisitions can only succeed if they are implemented with the right preparation and sustained competent security. Sales as well as M&A processes must be well thought out and prepared if an entrepreneur wants to successfully implement a company purchase or sale.

GOiNTERIM managers with a focus on M&A have the necessary skills to drive and complete the acquisition processes quickly, successfully and satisfactorily. The GOiNTERIM M&A Manager accompanies the entire IPO, from the due diligence process, through process monitoring, to the “post-going public” phase. Post-merger integration belongs only in competent hands. The risk of making a mistake in this complex process is too great.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

The success factors of a successful post-merger integration include, above all, a PMI strategy and the systematic implementation of strategic plans. GOiNTERIM managers with the corresponding expertise know the multifaceted challenges of these processes and have developed correspondingly versatile approaches to solutions, which they review and expand with each new project.

Reference projects, e.g. on the subject of mergers & acquisitions

Advisor to the board

Private equity
130 mio.€ turnover
Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, advising on financial structuring and negotiating with lenders, taking ...

Project for the reorganization and sale of the company

The project focused on the acquisition of an international group of companies/food discounters with stores in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina from a London-based investment ...

kfm. Board of Directors

Investment holding
550 million € turnover, 4000 employees
An experienced manager from the investment environment was successfully found to strengthen the Group as a member ...

Turnaround with force and effect

An owner-managed, medium-sized group of three companies is to be sold. The situation is sensitive: EBIT is weakly positive, the seller has a business and ...

Interim CRO

Furniture making
Great Britain
1,750 million $ turnover

Turnaround Managing Director and Restructuring Manager of an international office furniture manufacturer, Stakeholder Management<!-- AddThis ...

Advisor to the board

Advisory Board
Private equity
Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, consulting in the due diligence phase, industry expertise and market knowledge ...

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