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Market information

The food industry is one of the most important industrial sectors in Germany. It has a medium-sized structure with a predominant share of small and medium-sized enterprises: Approximately 618,000 people are employed in around 6,100 companies. The meat and meat processing industry, the dairy industry, the confectionery and bakery industry, and the production of alcoholic beverages are the most important industries.

Germany is the third-largest food exporter on the world market; with an export ratio of 33.6 percent, foreign business ensures industry growth. German food quality is in demand internationally, with meat products, confectionery, dairy products and beverages in particular being exported. More than three quarters of exports go to the EU; the most important sales markets are the Netherlands, France and Italy, as well as China, the USA, Switzerland and Russia.

Current developments

Defying the weak overall economic trend, the food industry once again demonstrated its performance in 2019, increasing its sales by 3.2 percent to 185.3 billion euros.

The increase in sales resulted from higher volumes – up 1.2 percent on the previous year – and rising selling prices in Germany and abroad. With a sales volume of 123.1 billion euros, the German market remained the industry’s most important sales channel in 2019.

Exports increased slightly again after a slight drop in sales in 2018, totaling 62.2 billion euros in 2019, an increase of 4.5 percent. The export ratio also increased slightly to 33.6 percent. This means that every third euro was earned abroad (source: BVE).

Due to its quality and variety, German food is popular all over the world. From the point of view of the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries, the umbrella organization of the food industry, this means that there are also increasing opportunities for growth outside the EU. However, the effects of the Corona crisis are unlikely to sustain the previously good forecasts.

The same applies to the domestic consumer climate, which was previously optimistic but is now noticeably clouded by the Corona crisis.

The food industry ensures a nationwide supply of high-quality food, with sustainability also playing an increasingly important role in consumer awareness.

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