Business case: Successful restructuring in the food industry – A success story about the turnaround of a company after just six months

Initial situation:
How a company in the food industry experienced an impressive turnaround and regained its competitiveness in just six months – an inspiring story of professional interim management and successful restructuring that shows how decisive measures and a strategic approach can lead to sustainable success even in difficult times.

The company, a major player in the food industry with a turnover of 14 million euros and 200 employees, was facing major economic challenges due to a change in ownership and unsuitable management. Thanks to the strategic and professional interim management, the company was successfully restructured within just six months and put on the path to growth.

The company, which comes from the food industry, has a turnover of 14 million euros and employs 200 people at 23 locations. It had fallen into a precarious economic situation due to a change of ownership and inadequate management.

Initial situation/challenge of the project:
The company’s financial situation was extremely critical, which led to an IDWS 06 audit by the financial services provider. Liquidity had to be secured in the short term, while at the same time an IDWS 06 report was prepared and implemented to guide the restructuring and realign the organization.

Objectives/tasks of the project:
The main objectives of the project were the short-term procurement of a liquidity framework, the preparation of an IDWS 06 report with a catalog of measures, the comprehensive restructuring of the company and the management of the company as sole managing director during the interim mandate.

Measures and implementation steps:

  • Liquidity planning: Measures were taken to procure liquidity in the short term, including negotiations with the principal bank, financial service providers and shareholders, in order to ensure financial stability.
  • IDWS 06 Expert opinion: A comprehensive report was prepared that analyzed the company’s current situation and contained a detailed catalog of measures for restructuring. This included a review of the financial situation, operational processes and organizational structure.
  • Restructuring: Various measures were implemented to restructure the company, including the revision and realignment of logistics processes, the optimization of sales structures, the consolidation of locations/branches and the revision of the product portfolio in order to become more competitive.
  • M&A process: Parallel to the restructuring, an M&A process was initiated to examine potential partnerships or acquisitions and to position the company for future growth.

Successes and results of the interim management assignment:

  • Turnaround: After just six months, the company was able to report positive results based on the successful restructuring measures. There was a clear upward trend from the second quarter of the 2017 financial year.
  • Restructuring successes: The restructuring measures led to improved efficiency and competitiveness of the company. Logistics processes were successfully reorganized with an insourcing process, sales structures were redesigned and the product portfolio was revised in order to better meet current market requirements.
  • IDWS 06 appraisal: The expert opinion prepared was successfully implemented, resulting in improved budgeting and financial planning that put the company on a solid financial footing.
  • M&A successes: The M&A process was successfully accompanied, leading to potential partnerships or acquisitions and positioning the company for future growth and further development opportunities.

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