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For many years, we have been a trusted partner when it comes to personnel support for mechanical and plant engineering.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

Market information

Germany is the world’s third-largest producer of machinery, and German mechanical and plant engineering is regarded as a leading export and innovation industry. The mechanical and plant engineering sector, which is strongly characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises, manufactures complex products for the entire economy and utilizes technologically sophisticated primary products. It reflects the full range of capabilities of German industry and is a key driver of innovation in areas including Industry 4.0, resource-conserving environmental protection, energy efficiency and electromobility.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most innovative industrial sectors. Through process innovations, we have succeeded in continuously reducing average unit costs. This development is due, among other things, to increased adoption of new industrial process technologies in connection with Industry 4.0.

With over one million employees, the more than 6,600 companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector generated total sales of approximately 229 billion euros in 2019. Every second engineer is employed in research, development and design. In the competition for the best AI applications of the future, additional IT qualifications will play a key role.

Are you looking for immediate support with a high level of expertise that will lead your project to success quickly and safely? We are here for you.

Reference projects, e.g. in mechanical and plant engineering

International transformation and strategic realignment | Business case as interim CEO/Managing Director

Producing company
Two locations
International Group

One site of an international group had come under enormous pressure in terms of price and cost situation. The competitive situation necessitated a completely new set-up of the blueprint of the plants at the sites.


Interim CRO

Mechanical Engineering
100 mio.€ turnover

Operational and financial turnaround of the company as restructuring manager, expansion of international sales, stabilization and expansion of business development.


Interim CFO – Development to Financial Excellence of an International Engineering Group

As part of this mandate, an experienced interim CFO was deployed in an international engineering group to realign the finance function to a proactive business partner role. The main objective was to take the lead of the finance function, build a top finance team, develop the finance department to financial excellence, optimize financing, build a powerful finance structure and ensure transparency along the key value drivers.

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