Executive Director and Board of Directors. The Interim CEO

Particularly in the upper management levels, it is often difficult to quickly find a suitable replacement solution for the transitional period. Both a sudden departure of a managing director and a temporary absence due to illness or parental leave can pose major challenges for the company’s management. In this situation, an interim managing director or CEO can be deployed to ensure that the company’s internal processes run smoothly. As a temporary solution, the interim manager – or interim executive – provides rapid assistance to fill personnel gaps in the company.

In contrast to a permanent position, the interim manager is usually employed on a project-related basis and for a limited period of time. This means that he or she must familiarize himself or herself with the company’s structures and processes in the shortest possible time in order to be able to act as quickly as possible. But this challenge also offers advantages, both for the interim CEO himself and for the company. The interim manager can provide new impetus through his diverse experience and competencies, while at the same time using the company’s existing know-how to effectively achieve the company’s goals and objectives. For the company, the use of an interim managing director also means flexibility and the ability to react quickly in crisis situations.

The interim CEO represents a special form of interim management. In this position, he or she takes over the management of the company for a limited period of time, either completely or in sub-areas. This special form of interim management is often used in crisis situations to reorganize company divisions or to bridge personnel shortfalls. In doing so, the interim CEO can bring his wide-ranging experience and expertise to bear and act quickly and purposefully to get the company back on track.

As an interim management provider, we support companies in every industry in their search for the ideal interim managing director or CEO. We bring our years of experience and our extensive network of interim managers to the table to find the best possible solution for each company.

Reference projects, including those with the function of managing director or board member

Controlling Manager

800 mio.€ turnover

Establishment and optimization of the controlling and finance area, introduction of decentralized divisional controlling with matrix organization, medium-term and budget planning and reporting.



Automotive supplier
Germany and International
85 mio.€ turnover

Operational management of the production company in the automotive supply industry, optimization of production processes, adaptation of the organizational structure, business development and turnaround.


Supervisory Board

Great Britain
270 million £ turnover

Supervisory Board of a service company, strategic management, co-design and implementation of corporate policy, closure and downsizing of non-core areas.


Interim CEO/CRO

Germany, Austria, Poland
70 Mio.€ turnover

Restructuring of an industrial group, carve-out after company acquisition, relocation of a plant


International transformation and strategic realignment | Business case as interim CEO/Managing Director

Producing company
Two locations
International Group

One site of an international group had come under enormous pressure in terms of price and cost situation. The competitive situation necessitated a completely new set-up of the blueprint of the plants at the sites.


Interim CFO/CRO

Austria and CEE
500 mio.€ turnover

Restructuring of a strategic business unit, reorganization and change management, establishment of a best practice finance unit, performance improvement and profit improvement.


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