Corporate & Business Development: Development of new business models

The development of new business models or fields is one of the core tasks of a company. By evaluating and developing new business areas, it can secure an innovative edge or expand its own competitive position. The most important levers of success in business development are comprehensive industry and organizational knowledge as well as negotiation skills. Development is led by a business development management team, which assumes a classic cross-divisional function with a focus on product development or marketing.

Due to his extensive industry experience in business development, the GOiNTERIM Manager can provide particularly valuable impetus and establish innovation strategies more effectively in existing or new structures. Small and medium-sized companies in particular usually lack the methodological knowledge and resources to successfully implement an innovation process on their own.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

An experienced interim manager can actively support the company management in identifying and implementing new business areas. Using proven tools and methods, he finds the right approach to develop new products and services and position them successfully on the market, as well as to establish strategic and operational partnerships and build sustainable customer relationships.

Reference projects, e.g. on the topic of Corporate & Business Development

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Interim PMO

Credit institution
Germany, CEE
1000 Mio.€ turnover
Outsourcing/transfer of the finance area of all European subsidiaries to CEE, transition and set-up of the Shared ...

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