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For many years, we have been a trusted partner when it comes to personnel support for the electrical engineering and electronics industry.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

Market information

Across Germany, the electrical engineering and electronics industry has 888,000 employees (2019) and total sales of €191 billion (2019). This makes the sector the second-largest industry in terms of employees, behind mechanical engineering and ahead of the automotive industry.

It is indispensable within the value chains of the manufacturing sector as a system supplier (e.g. automation, medical technology, signaling technology, security systems/cybersecurity, semiconductors, cable manufacturing/conduit construction, electrical components, battery manufacturing, and in each case the associated service and maintenance).

Industry portfolio and sales

The electrical industry has a very broad portfolio. 80 percent of industry revenues are generated from industrial goods, 12 percent from intermediate goods, and 8 percent from durable goods.
Novel products and systems account for around 45 percent of their sales. Every third innovation in the manufacturing sector is based on solutions from the electrical industry. The basis for this innovative strength is the high level of expenditure on research and development: In 2019, companies in the electrical industry invested a total of 19.1 billion euros in this area.

Official statistics show a total of 3,568 electrical companies in Germany in the economic sectors WZ 26 (“Manufacture of data processing equipment, electronic and optical products”) and WZ 27 (“Manufacture of electrical equipment”). 90 percent of these companies have fewer than 500 employees, reflecting the medium-sized nature of the industry. At the same time, 17 percent of all hidden champions in Germany come from the electrical industry.

As an innovation driver for industry, it is actively shaping the digital transformation in the five lead markets of Industry 4.0, Energy, Mobility, Healthcare and Buildings, as well as in the areas of Cybersecurity, Society & Environment and Education & Research.

The electrical industry is driving networking forward, in its own companies, with suppliers and customers, but also in the private sphere. With its cross-sectional technologies, the electrical industry is a driver of innovation and technical – and thus also social – progress. The industry is characterized by excellent competitiveness and high systems competence.

As a “solutions industry,” it makes a significant contribution to Germany’s future viability and influences people’s lives and the way they live together.

Are you looking for immediate support with a high level of expertise that will lead your project to success quickly and safely? We are here for you.

Reference projects, e.g. from the electrical engineering and electronics industry

Transformation process of the purchasing department of an international automotive supplier

Automotive supplier
Multiple locations
International Group

The entire purchasing department of the corporate group was undergoing a massive transformation process. The group is in the process of completely reorganizing itself and becoming an independent group of companies.


Sales Manager

Automotive supplier
600 Mio.€ turnover, 3.500 employees

We were able to successfully fill a vacancy for the international sales manager. Requirements were years of industry experience in automotive, good access to OEMs, strong leadership and expertise in sales reorganization on an international level.


Interim CEO / Turnaround at COVID times

The company is one of the most important producers of frozen food in Austria and has been facing a negative business development for more than 10 years. A turnaround is essential for the continued existence of the company….


Project Management

Consumer Goods
70 Mio.€ turnover

Takeover of the overall project management for a company-wide strategy project, project structuring, reporting and management of the sub-project teams, coordination with the steering committee.


International transformation and strategic realignment | Business case as interim CEO/Managing Director

Producing company
Two locations
International Group

One site of an international group had come under enormous pressure in terms of price and cost situation. The competitive situation necessitated a completely new set-up of the blueprint of the plants at the sites.


Interim CEO – Leadership with presence – a transformation

How to change an existing team from administrators to creators through collaborative leadership, straightforwardness and open communication? Giving goals and responsibility, with the necessary freedom to do so, enables a willingness to change and thus generates a spirit of optimism. An example of a successful turnaround.

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