Organization & Leadership: Initiating Change and Accompanying Change Processes

Organizational development processes are not infrequently hampered by a lack of the appropriate resources to drive the change process. Often, planned changes are simply lost in the day-to-day operational business. There is usually not enough time to implement the desired changes and this time cannot be easily freed up.

The GOiNTERIM Manager drives change, primarily by taking responsibility for the change processes. Due to his clearly defined assignment in terms of time and scope, he can concentrate 100% on the structures and / or processes to be changed and control the necessary measures. As a process facilitator, he applies various methods of organizational development with the involvement of all participants and solves related problems.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

Due to his distinctive professional competence and many years of project experience, the GOiNTERIM Manager is qualified to support a company in all questions of organizational development, to initiate changes and to accompany change processes.

Reference projects, e.g. on the topic of organization & leadership

Advisor to the board

Private equity
130 mio.€ turnover
Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, advising on financial structuring and negotiating with lenders, taking ...

International transformation and strategic realignment | Business case as interim CEO/Managing Director

Producing company Two locations International Group One site of an international group had come under enormous pressure in terms of price and cost situation. The ...

Interim CEO – Leadership with presence – a transformation

How to change an existing team from administrators to creators through collaborative leadership, straightforwardness and open communication? Giving goals and responsibility, with the necessary freedom ...

Rapid prototyping – transparency as the basis for a successful sales offensive – Interim sales manager of a 3D printing company

A global economic crisis led to a significant slump in sales, particularly due to the strong dependence on the automotive industry. Without a dedicated sales ...

Interim HR

600 Mio.€ turnover
Interim head of HR / personnel management, operational personnel responsibility for the entire group / branches, support in strategy ...

Interim PMO

Credit institution
Germany, CEE
1000 Mio.€ turnover
Outsourcing/transfer of the finance area of all European subsidiaries to CEE, transition and set-up of the Shared ...

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