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Companies are facing increasingly complex requirements in the areas of marketing, sales, communication and PR. To meet these challenges, they are increasingly turning to interim managers for marketing or sales, who are hired temporarily to develop and implement strategies.

Ongoing digitization is one of the biggest challenges facing companies, as disruptive business models displace tried-and-true ones and competition for customers’ attention steadily increases. However, these changes can also be used as an opportunity for companies if they respond to them proactively. To achieve this, the interaction of product development and management, communication and sales is just as crucial as the continuous optimization of the company’s divisions and the use of new solutions.

Interim managers for sales and marketing support executives and employees in proactively shaping structural change and aligning companies with future requirements. As experts with many years of specialist and management experience, they accompany projects both strategically and operationally and contribute their broad know-how in various fields of action. They can also bridge vacancies when an interim manager is needed for sales.

In addition to the necessary business expertise and analytical as well as creative skills, interim managers for sales and marketing have comprehensive knowledge of current structures and processes. As generalists, they can quickly immerse themselves in new industries and companies and provide the necessary know-how for successful project implementation.

Reference projects, including sales and marketing functions

Sales Manager

90 mio.€ turnover
Interim sales manager, design and implementation of a new sales organization, optimization of sales processes, business development and internationalization, ...

Sales Manager

Automotive supplier
600 Mio.€ turnover, 3.500 employees
We were able to successfully fill a vacancy for the international sales manager. Requirements were years of industry ...


Trading company
60 million € turnover

Assumption of operational responsibility as managing director of a wholesale company for car parts and accessories, ...

Project management

Plastics industry
40 mio.€ turnover
Project management turnaround of a company in the plastics industry, process optimization and efficiency increase in the areas ...

Vice President Marketing & Sales

600 Mio.€ turnover
Interim Vice President Marketing & Sales of a manufacturing company in the consumer goods (FMCG) sector, sales management, conceptualization ...

Interim CRO

Mechanical Engineering
100 mio.€ turnover
Operational and financial turnaround of the company as restructuring manager, expansion of international sales, stabilization and expansion of ...

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