Project and Program Manager

Do you need experienced project management for a new project challenge?

For the professional implementation of strategic projects and special topics your company needs experienced project managers.

GOiNTERIM places top project managers who are specialized in technical, agile, but also Kanban, Lean project management.
Leading companies use our project managers primarily for mission-critical projects.

Define your goals and needs together with our experts and help us to better understand the dynamics in your team. This is how we find exactly the right project manager for your project challenge!

Are you facing a technical challenge?

GOiNTERIM places independent project managers from various fields of project management:

Are you looking for immediate support with a high level of expertise that will lead your project to success quickly and safely? We are here for you.

Reference projects, e.g. on the subject of project and program management

Interim CFO/CRO

Austria and CEE
500 mio.€ turnover

Restructuring of a strategic business unit, reorganization and change management, establishment of a best practice finance unit, performance improvement and profit improvement.


Production management

150 Mio.€ turnover

Restructuring and production management, in particular layout changes and personnel adjustments at international level, process optimization in all production stages and establishment of site in Eastern Europe.


Transformation process of the purchasing department of an international automotive supplier

Automotive supplier
Multiple locations
International Group

The entire purchasing department of the corporate group was undergoing a massive transformation process. The group is in the process of completely reorganizing itself and becoming an independent group of companies.


Supervisory Board

Great Britain
270 million £ turnover

Supervisory Board of a service company, strategic management, co-design and implementation of corporate policy, closure and downsizing of non-core areas.


International transformation and strategic realignment | Business case as interim CEO/Managing Director

Producing company
Two locations
International Group

One site of an international group had come under enormous pressure in terms of price and cost situation. The competitive situation necessitated a completely new set-up of the blueprint of the plants at the sites.


ERP/IT Management

Food industry
35 mio.€ turnover

Takeover of the operational IT management, conception, planning and implementation of the central IT project for the introduction of a new ERP software, management of the company-wide project team.

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