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When companies find themselves in difficult situations such as corporate restructuring, the introduction of new systems, internationalization, restructuring or reorganization, the use of an interim CFO can be extremely beneficial. These financial experts have a profound understanding of financial processes and have successfully demonstrated their capabilities in transformation processes on several occasions. By driving transformation, turnaround and restructuring quickly and decisively, companies can save time and profit with interim CFOs.

More and more companies are therefore opting to fill the role of Chief Financial Officer with an interim CFO. Especially in crisis situations, interim CFOs from our pool can help companies create solutions in property management or corporate finance.

The search for a permanent CFO can often take several months, which can be too long for companies in critical situations. However, interim CFOs can quickly bridge vacancies and, especially in crisis situations, ensure that solutions for corporate finances are found quickly so that successors have an orderly financial area. We provide companies with a selection of qualified interim CFO candidates from our pool within a few days. As a rule, our interim CFOs then also take up the mandate within a few days in order to support the company as quickly as possible.

Reference projects, including with the Finance & Controlling function

Interim CFO

Media company
Employees / Sales: n.a.

Successful development towards financial excellence: An international media group acquired a traditional family business in Germany. Finance was very past-oriented …


kfm. Board of Directors

Investment holding
550 million € turnover, 4000 employees

An experienced manager from the investment environment was successfully found to strengthen the Group as a member of the Management Board. The profile of a top manager was very extensive. A top manager with years of experience in M&A transactions, in the commercial management of portfolio companies and in the topics IFRS, JA, tax and legal was required.


Executive Board/CEO as restructuring manager

Automotive supplier
Employees / Sales: n.a.

As restructuring manager, the GOiNTERIM manager has operational responsibility as a
Executive Board at Frauenthal’s subsidiary in Portugal. The company
was in a crisis situation due to the loss of major customers in the automotive industry.


Interim CFO/CRO

15 Mio.€ turnover

Takeover of the management / CRO position, development of a new strategy, operational implementation of all restructuring measures, in a 2nd step takeover of the sole management, successful turnaround.


Interim CEO/CRO

Germany, Austria, Poland
70 Mio.€ turnover

Restructuring of an industrial group, carve-out after company acquisition, relocation of a plant


Interim CRO

Mechanical Engineering
100 mio.€ turnover

Operational and financial turnaround of the company as restructuring manager, expansion of international sales, stabilization and expansion of business development.


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