Executive Board/CEO as restructuring manager

  • Industry: Automotive supplier
  • Position of the GOiNTERIM Manager: Board of Directors/CEO
  • Duration of the interim mandate: 7 months

As restructuring manager, the GOiNTERIM manager has assumed operational responsibility as a board member at the Group’s subsidiary in Portugal. The company was in a crisis situation due to the loss of major customers in the automotive sector. Insolvency was imminent.

An interim manager had to be found quickly to maintain and stabilize operations and manage the workforce, as the current executive board left the company at short notice. These are typical cases for restructuring managers, who immediately take over the operational management as managing director or board member and the measures to stabilize the crisis.

The tasks were on the one hand the operational management of the subsidiary and on the other hand
others crisis and change management. The individual tasks were in the operat
management to maintain delivery readiness and delivery reliability at a high level, increase productivity and
Maintain stable quality, improve cash flow (in particular reduce inventories), and improve financial and
improve earnings situation. The fact that the group of companies in the automotive sector is the premium OEMs thus
car builder as a customer, you can’t allow the supply chain to be torn down here. That would immediately lead to
recourse claims and disputes with the OEMs also lead to disputes with the entire Group. The crisis thus affected not only the local company in Portugal, but the entire Group.

In the special crisis/change management, the tasks were the immediate
Change of management, additionally a change of shareholders, in consequence the initiation and
Implementation of insolvency proceedings, internal and external crisis communication as well as the
extensive safeguarding of assets.

The leadership of the workforce was also particularly important here. Here the GOiNTERIM Manager
through his leadership experience and authority immediately the employees through open communication
and stringency behind it. Despite the difficult situation and the reorganization process
the employees were motivated and supported and implemented the measures. This is
one of the most important areas for the successful implementation especially of
restructuring projects.

The interim manager from GOiNTERIM’s network was an exceptionally experienced interim
Manager, who immediately took ownership of the tasks and to the complete satisfaction of
has implemented. Through his experience not only in top management but especially through
his expertise as a restructuring manager, the target was reached 100% and the
tasks are implemented to the complete satisfaction of the client. Also the active accompaniment
and cooperation through GOiNTERIM has positively contributed to the success.

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