Research and development

Innovation is an important success factor for companies, especially in the SME sector. The challenge is to identify needs, to integrate new technologies into one’s own products in a user-oriented manner, or to introduce new products to the market at the right time. This requires innovation management that provides targeted impetus, particularly in the areas of research and development and sales.

Our experienced interim managers in the field of research and development support you in the implementation of innovations in products, processes, procedures, sales channels or services. Through targeted impulses and comprehensive know-how, our interim managers help to increase the innovative power of your company and generate sustainable growth. We place special focus on the area of research and development in order to profitably integrate new technologies and developments into your company.

Our interim managers have verified references and proven experience in the field of innovation management. We help you identify your customers’ needs early on and stay one step ahead. We also take into account increasing internationalization and competition from Asia. Feel free to contact us and let us convince you of our services in the field of innovation management.

Reference projects, including with the research and development function

Project Manager

Austria, Germany, Spain
250 million € turnover

Project manager in new development for a premium OEM, coordination of all sub-projects design, development, production, quality as well as direct coordination and coordination with the OEM.


Are you looking for immediate support with a high level of expertise that will bring your project to success quickly and safely? We are here for you.

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