Non-executive: For a fit and competence-based board

The need for qualified staffing of supervisory and advisory boards has increased sharply in recent years. This was mainly due to various legislative regulations and codes of practice, such as the German Corporate Governance Code. But the increasing interest of investors is also generating more heightened public interest in the composition of boards.

The GOiNTERIM Manager involves all shareholders and managing directors and generates openness and transparency among all parties involved. Its expertise ranges from consulting, to mixed forms, to supervisory or advisory board-specific rights and duties. Since every supervisory board or advisory board is only as good as its members, the GOiNTERIM Manager realizes a precisely fitting and competence-based composition.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

The competences of the GOiNTERIM manager enable him to give the committee a professional working structure, to organize regular meetings and to establish the necessary information system. By documenting, discussing and being open about the results, the manager ensures constant quality control.

Reference projects, among others on the topic of non-executive

Supervisory Board

Great Britain
270 million £ turnover
Supervisory Board of a service company, strategic management, co-design and implementation of corporate policy, closure and downsizing ...

Advisor to the board

Advisory Board
Private equity
Interim Advisor to the Board of Directors and investors, consulting in the due diligence phase, industry expertise and market knowledge ...

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