Our industry expertise and industry experience

GOiNTERIM’s expertise spans all industries, from automotive to insurance. These extensive areas of operation are based on many years of international industry and placement experience.

The managers we place have excellent and long-standing experience in a wide range of sectors and industries. This ensures that there is extensive understanding of your requirements and needs.

We speak your language! This allows us to search for and select the ideal candidate who fits your goals and corporate culture exactly.

Experience for your success

In our network, we are sure to have exactly the specialist you need to solve your challenge. We know the experts in almost every industry. Valuable to be able to immediately provide the right management capacity for your requirement.

Approach us. Test us.

Thanks to the broad professional and project experience of the managers we employ, we are also able to offer very specific industry know-how.

Industry expertise – professional and personal

  • Automotive industry
  • Banks / Financial institutions
  • Construction industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Services
  • Electrical engineering and electronics industry
  • Energy industry / raw materials
  • Manufacturing industry (production)
  • Facility Management
  • Health Economics
  • Green / Clean Tech
  • Retail / Consumer Goods / FMCG
  • Real Estate
  • Information and communication technology

  • Plastics industry
  • Food industry
  • Life Science / Biotech
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Media & Publishers
  • Medical Technology
  • Metal industry
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public administration
  • Private equity
  • Telecommunications
  • Textile and clothing industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Insurances

Reference projects from different industries

  • All
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemistry
  • Construction and real estate industry
  • Digitization & Technology
  • Energy industry
  • Health Care / Life Science
  • IT, telecommunications and media (ICT)
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Metal production, processing
  • Other manufacturing industry
  • Pharma / Medical Technology
  • Plastics industry
  • Private Equity / Financial Services
  • Retail / Consumer Goods / FMCG
  • Service industry
  • Transport, logistics and traffic

Interim Project Manager / Worldwide IFRS Conversion

At a Tier 1 automotive supplier, the group-wide accounting system was changed from HGB to IFRS, as globally
stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, as well as a global
Corporate financing in the capital market environment an international
require accepted accounting.


Interim CFO / Establishment of the finance department – from 0 to 100

An online digital marketing agency was acquired by a private equity firm. The private equity house invests in successful, owner-managed companies and supports them locally in their future-oriented development. The company had to be brought up to the level of a stock corporation in the financial area and to the requirements of the private equity company, virtually from here to now!


Interim CRO / P&L gap analysis and EBIT increase of a Tier 1 supplier

In the course of the earnings analysis, the P&L margin is to be examined and the profitability of the supplier is to be increased significantly….


Interim CRO / Continuous Improvement & Lean Management

As part of the focus on operational excellence and increasing production performance, the manufacturing costs of an automotive supplier were to be optimized and reduced….


Interim CRO / Reduction of quality costs of a tier 2 supplier

As part of the restructuring, the internal and external quality costs of a Tier 2 supplier should be reviewed and significantly reduced….


Interim CRO / Restructuring and increase critical equity ratio

A strategy for rapidly increasing the equity ratio of a Tier 1 should be developed within the framework of the owner-supervisory board. The corporate imbalance had resulted over the last few years from the Corona crisis, the microchip crisis and the massive increase in raw material costs….


Are you looking for immediate support with a high level of expertise that will lead your project to success quickly and safely? We are here for you.

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