Business Case – Development of a campaign management for lead generation as an interim marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry

Initial situation:
Marketing has been given a new area of responsibility and is responsible for generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in the sales funnel. Previously, this was managed by the sales team by acquiring new prospective customers in the traditional way via the sales force. For lead generation, themed webinars are offered for doctors in private practice, which are advertised via various channels – the target group is specific and small.

As Senior Operations/Project Manager, my focus during my five-month assignment was on setting up campaign management, leading the team and operational marketing management for various medical target groups.

Client is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company with German customers, private equity financed.

Time was short, many basics were missing and the campaign event was unexpectedly pushed forward. The following main challenges were identified:

  1. New team
    The campaign team was new and needed a common understanding of how to work together.
  1. Lack of structures
    There was a lack of clear structures such as basic content assets, campaign processes and communication channels.
  1. Lack of performance measurement
    The webinar was advertised via various offline and online channels, but there was no clear measurement of performance.

Solution approaches:

  1. Definition of team roles
    Creating transparency and clarity by defining the respective team roles from the outset.

  2. Setting up the campaign process
    Definition of campaign phases with clear objectives for each phase and the corresponding working documents.

  3. Key performance indicator reporting
    Definition of the most important KPIs, establishment of a reporting system and derivation of measures.

  4. Regular communication
    Introduction of project structures such as regular, planning and client meetings as well as “Lesson Learned” sessions to ensure effective collaboration.

These measures have created a solid basis for securing sales in the long term through effective lead generation.

  1. Team
    Set up a team to ensure clarity and transparency regarding responsibilities and tasks.

  2. Performance
    Increased efficiency thanks to new structures and processes.

  3. Transparency
    Increasing transparency by measuring performance.

With these solutions, we are ideally equipped to tackle the challenges of our customers in the pharmaceutical sector and ensure long-term success.

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