Digitization & Technology: Triggering and implementing digital transformation processes

Not least because of the pandemic, digitization has become an important topic for medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, many decision-makers are rather hesitant about the digital transformation. Often, the CIO is also left alone with the topic, even though digitization is a topic for the entire (management) team. As a result, the economic growth potential is hardly exploited and companies lag behind their competitors.

The GOiNTERIM Manager first creates an in-depth market analysis that shows, among other things, how digital the competition is. Once the benchmark is established, it ensures that all relevant workflows are converted from analog to digital and that all central web processes are automated.

The following topics are covered by us and our managers:

Through his project experience in various companies, the GOiNTERIM manager knows exactly which digital transformation processes need to be initiated and how this can succeed. As a temporary Chief Digital Officer (CDO), he replaces the digital know-how that is lacking internally and leaves the company optimized, automated and accelerated after the “digital makeover”.

Reference projects, including on the topic of digitization & technology

Project Management

Consumer Goods
70 Mio.€ turnover

Takeover of the overall project management for a company-wide strategy project, project structuring, reporting and management of the sub-project teams, coordination with the steering committee.


Interim CIO at an international group of companies

Construction industry
International group of companies

IT is a central function in companies and especially in an international group very complex and differentiated. With his experience, the interim CIO was able to immediately take over and manage the operational business.


Project management

Plastics industry
40 mio.€ turnover

Project management turnaround of a company in the plastics industry, process optimization and efficiency increase in the areas of sales, calculation, design, manufacturing, MIS introduction.


Development of a business unit for an international energy company including sales organization

A leading international energy company was undergoing a comprehensive transformation process. The interim manager was tasked with building up one of the main pillars of the new strategy, the new “Industrial Customer Solutions” business area, including an operational sales organization.



Trading company
60 million € turnover

Assumption of operational responsibility as managing director of a wholesale company for car parts and accessories, positioning, development and expansion of the company, team building and new corporate culture.


Sales Manager

90 mio.€ turnover

Interim sales manager, design and implementation of a new sales organization, optimization of sales processes, business development and internationalization, KAM.


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