Business Case – New communication strategy for Business Unit OEM including implementation as Interim Head of Marketing in medical technology

Initial situation:
The management urgently needs a uniform presentation for the OEM division, which accounts for the largest share of sales. To date, there have been various uncoordinated presentations that focus on product technology and do not adequately emphasize the company’s strengths. This presentation is crucial for internal technology days, in-house exhibitions and acquisition meetings with potential customers.

It will also be used for acquisition talks when the product managers pitch their portfolio to interested parties. The aim is to secure follow-up orders and win new orders.

On the marketing side, the company has mainly attended trade fairs in recent years and, according to the management, has invested too little in customer care. The measure must therefore work and be effective.

Over a period of four months as Interim Head of Marketing, her tasks included a high proportion of operational issues, team and agency management and the development of structures – a challenging task for an experienced interim manager in the areas of marketing, communication and digital projects.

Client is a medium-sized MedTech company with a global customer market.

Creating a presentation is by no means the end of the story, as the analysis discovers more hurdles than expected.

  1. Fundamentals are missing
    The existing content is insufficient and there is little time for revision.

  2. Diverse target group
    The presentation must appeal to different decision-makers, including managing directors, development managers and technical experts.

  3. Few routines & time
    There is a lack of routine in working with product managers, and they are difficult to reach.

Solution approaches:

  1. Implementing groundwork

    Strategic basics for the business model “From manufacturer to solution provider”: Revise portfolio, Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Key Value Proposition (KVP) for business unit, product segments and use cases.

  2. Involving the team

    Clear, transparent communication from the outset and integration of the teams ensure effective workflows and committed cooperation.

  3. Strong project management

    Use of a methodical framework to overcome time and resource constraints.

  4. First implementation measure

    Conception of a modular presentation that appeals to different target groups.

An important step was taken to support the division and strengthen it for the future.

  1. What the unit says
    The feedback from the team is very positive, the large team of product managers is grateful for the support with the sales tool.
  1. Feedback from customers
    Customers praise the breadth of the portfolio, the professional presentation and the previously unknown strengths of the company.
  1. Foundation stones laid
    The new basic content will serve as the foundation for further materials and the website to communicate the business case to the outside world.

With this new communication strategy and presentation, the company is ideally positioned to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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