DDIM.REGIONAL // MUNICH – Follow-up report on 04.04.

In cooperation with the IfUS Institute and Prof. Dr. Henning Werner, the regional event of the interim management scene took place on Thursday. 100 guests, no free space, a fully occupied interim management marketplace, two great keynote speeches from restructuring practice and a top-class panel – the result was a strong event with plenty of room for discussion. personal networking as well as valuable insights and findings on the topics of restructuring and transformation – from a variety of perspectives!

It was a demanding and intensive program.

First a practical example from Wieselhuber & Partner: “Transformation of the business model with the help of profit and loss source analysis“. The main focus was on all steps and the procedure for carrying out and implementing an IDW-S6 expert opinion on a medium-sized industrial company.

The second case was “Restructuring & Transformation: The Generalist CRO in the Organ“, a presentation by Eckhard Hörner-Marass. Hörner-Marass is an experienced top restructurer. He specializes in mechanical engineering and automotive-related companies and is always called in when an IDW S6 expert opinion has been prepared and the restructuring has to be implemented. As a top professional, he presented all the important steps in the implementation and also showed tips and tricks that you have to pay attention to during a renovation. Even the experienced audience was able to gain many insights and benefit from the experience.

The top-class panel discussion was moderated by our Managing Director Dr. M.L.Mayr together with DDIM Board Member Just. The main topics discussed were as follows:

Market situation
1. How do you see the current market situation? Does the bow wave exist or can this not be confirmed?

2. what are the sectors and what topics will be covered?

Requirements/ skills of interim managers
1. restructuring/ turnaround/ transformation – What are the requirements for interim managers to obtain mandates in these areas?

2. what skills does an interim manager need in restructuring/reorganization projects?

Differentiation in terms of content (restructuring/transformation)
1. what is the difference between restructuring, reorganization, turnaround and transformation?

2 When and how do you set up a strategy process?

3. how do I develop a “mission statement of the restructured company”? In particular, what needs to be considered when transforming the business model?

4. coordination with stakeholders: What are the stakeholders? How do I address you? What are your requirements and expectations?

5. supreme discipline: How can I use insolvency as an instrument of restructuring, prepare it properly, etc.?

6. what is (still) necessary for successful implementation (team, communication, …)?

7 What potential and opportunities are there for IM? For everyone? What must the manager pay particular attention to?

Liability for interim managers
1. organ liability – What can I do, what else do I have to consider in the project?

2. where are there liability issues apart from the board function?

3. factual management?

4. non-compliance with the obligation to file for insolvency § 15a InsO?

1. how do interim managers get mandates?

2. reorganizers as lone fighters? OR, do you need a team? What is important here (must be filled coherently)? Where from – company or interim manager?

The discussion was very exciting and lively. Overall, an increase in restructuring and reorganization cases is expected. A large-scale bow wave cannot be confirmed. As a CRO and restructuring manager, you need special skills and a great deal of experience in these special situations. Especially with regard to legal issues, including liability within the body. The circle of renovators is therefore certainly an exclusive one. Newcomers are advised to prepare well and, above all, to build on experience.

At GOiNTERIM, we specialize in restructuring and reorganization projects. We have experience from over 100 mandates in various industries where companies have been restructured, both in financial restructuring and in operational restructuring. We know the best CROs and restructuring managers.

Would you like more information or do you have similar challenges? Talk to us, we will be happy to help you!

Dr. Martin Ludwig Mayr, Managing Director
+49 89 20 500 8695

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