DDIM Regulars’ Table // Munich

On 11.03. the monthly Interim Management Stammtisch took place again in Munich – with increasing interest! Over 40 participants took part in the event this time….

With just over 40 participants, the “house was full” – which of course makes us very happy! Especially our Managing Director M. Ludwig Mayr, who is responsible for planning and implementation as part of the DDIM regional team.

It was a very intense evening. Lively discussions, exchanges on interim management, the market situation and outlook – everything that currently concerns managers and partners was discussed. In particular, we talked and discussed cooperation and partnership with the managers with the partners and agencies present. Many questions were asked and topics and solutions discussed. These include, for example:

  • How can I communicate better with a provider as an interim manager?
  • Why do some providers hit me frequently and some not at all?
  • How can I position myself better?

The discussions were very positive and constructive and at the end the conversations were deepened over a glass or two of wine.

The next event in Munich is DDIM.regio on April 4, 2024. You can find more detailed information on this via the following link:

DDIM regional event

We are already looking forward to the next regulars’ table on May 6, 2024 and maybe we will meet one or the other at the DDIM regional event on April 4.

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