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The prepreg process was particularly challenging, as all the glass fiber needles had to be closed during the pressing and painting process. An additional challenge was to manually grind glass fiber needles after the pressing process to avoid possible scoring and dents.

Solution and implementation:

The GOiNTERIM Manager implemented a comprehensive solution strategy. This included the systematic recording and analysis of complaints, paying particular attention to “repeat errors”. The use of the Automotive Core Tools in accordance with the VDA-QMC standards ensured that the processes were effectively monitored and controlled.

Particular attention was paid to optimizing all manufacturing steps at the manufacturer, paint service provider and assembly service provider. Not only were the internal processes improved, but proposals for optimizing the transport containers between the various production sites were also developed.

Results and added value:

The careful implementation of the measures by the interim manager led to concrete results:

  • The complaint rate in the incoming goods department of the assembly and painting service provider was minimized considerably.
  • The shape and dimensional accuracy of the tailgate were successfully achieved, which meant that the gap dimensions met the specifications.
  • By reducing the number of complaints about the “interchangeable flaps” painted in their original color, the efficiency of final vehicle assembly was increased.
  • Optimized container management helped to minimize transport damage, which led to improved logistics and a reduction in production downtime.
  • The component sampling was successfully completed with a score of 3 + 1, and the OEM was extremely satisfied with the realization of its innovative idea using the prepreg process.

Overall, this successful interim management project underlines GOiNTERIM’s expertise in overcoming complex challenges in the field of quality management and production processes, especially in the automotive sector.

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