Rapid prototyping – transparency as the basis for a successful sales offensive – Interim sales manager of a 3D printing company


Founded in 1996, our company has established itself as the leading industrial 3D printing service provider in Europe. With a team of 220 employees, it offers comprehensive services from product development to production. Customers come from various sectors, including the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace, toolmaking and medical technology. The versatility of our rapid prototyping technologies enables the tool-free production of components in plastic and metal materials.


A global economic crisis led to a significant slump in sales, particularly due to the strong dependence on the automotive industry. Without a dedicated sales manager and clear sales structures, the company was faced with the challenge of creating transparent analyses and developing an effective sales strategy to increase sales within 24 months.

Interim project with GOiNTERIM Manager:

In view of the urgency and the need to act quickly and efficiently, the company decided to implement an interim project. An experienced GOiNTERIM manager was hired to manage the implementation of the measures.


  1. Analysis and structuring:
    • The GOiNTERIM Manager carried out a comprehensive analysis of sales generated since 1996 and segmented them into around 20 customer sectors.
    • In cooperation with the sales team and longstanding employees, face-to-face meetings were held to obtain analytical information on completed orders and projects.
  2. Optimization of the ERP system:
    • The existing ERP system was put through its paces and optimized with regard to the allocation of customer orders by sector.
  3. Reorganization of the sales team:
    • The sales team was divided into sectors, with a three-person team consisting of field sales, office sales and back office assigned to each sector.
  4. Accompaniment of orders:
    • Exemplary orders were accompanied through the entire company in order to gain a holistic insight.
  5. Customer surveys and marketing activities:
    • Targeted customer surveys were conducted in order to better understand customer needs.
    • A new marketing strategy was developed and presented on various channels such as trade fairs, a redesigned homepage and advertising media.


Thanks to the GOiNTERIM Manager’s interim project, the company was able to achieve impressive transparency regarding all orders and sales. A targeted sales and marketing strategy was successfully implemented, which led to a sustainable, significant increase in sales, despite an unchanged number of employees. These successes were regularly documented in the AG’s published quarterly reports.

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