Interim CRO / Continuous Improvement & Lean Management

Interim CRO / Continuous Improvement & Lean Management

As part of the focus on operational excellence and increasing production performance, the manufacturing costs of an automotive supplier were to be optimized and reduced. The previous internal improvement attempts had been discontinued and the CIP activities aborted.

Hard Facts:

  • Budget variance
  • Declining profitability
  • Lack of contribution margin

Solution approach:

At the beginning of this Lean Management / Kaizen project, a new and comprehensive process flow analysis was carried out. Within the scope of these investigations, new optimization potentials in the area of standard work could be discovered, among other things, with the help of video analyses, over 3 shifts. Main focus was to reduce waste & waiting time during the manufacturing cycle.

With the help of extensive MES data analysis, inefficiencies could be detected and corresponding derivations for the revision of the production process could be created. As a result, productivity was increased by approx. +40 %.

Solutions at a glance:

  • CIP / Kaizen project
  • Process flow analysis
  • Standard Work


Through a layout revision in the area of assembly or removal and a reduction in manufacturing costs of about 150 TÔéČ per year, the project was successfully completed, the competitiveness of this production unit significantly strengthened and the OEM cost analyst averted…

Results at a glance:

  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Increase productivity & competitiveness
  • EBIT improvement
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