27.03.2023 – DDIM.regional // Bavaria in Munich

27.03.2023 – DDIM.regional // Bavaria in Munich


As a profound speaker and storm-tested problem solver we have invited Angelika Collisi, who has established herself with her company “Pampiloxa – Manufaktur für Projekterfolg” (
) also takes care of the “Project Success Management” of her customers: She coaches executives, project leaders and their teams. Successful leadership and successful collaboration are at the heart of their work. She is a social psychologist, project manager and business analyst with more than 15 years of experience in managing strategic IT projects and has completed training in holistic healing. In her coaching sessions and workshops, she helps executives achieve coherent leadership – coherent for the executive, coherent for the team, and coherent for the (project) customer.

She takes a holistic view of project success: organizational form, team structure, communication and management processes are just as relevant as methods, technology and tools for practical implementation. Based on her project experience in a wide variety of roles and companies, Angelika Collisi has developed her own typology of skeptics and ways to win them over. She will also present this to us at DDIM.regional // Bavaria.

At the end of the event, as usual, there will be excellent opportunities for further professional and personal exchange and networking with providers, colleagues and the speaker over a glass of beer or wine. There will also be appetizers and soft drinks beforehand, starting at 6:00 p.m., before the program begins at 7:00 p.m.


  • 18:00 Opening of the Provider Marketplace, appetizers and networking.
  • 19:00 Official start, welcome, introduction of DDIM, explanation of the marketplace and introduction.
  • 19:30 Angelika Collisi: “New Interim Mandate – How to get the skeptics on board”.
  • 21:00 Questions and discussion
  • 21:30 End of event, afterwards get-together


  • House of Bavarian Business (HBW), Max-Joseph-Strasse 5

DDIM members and organizers Markus Drewes, Matthias Feik, Alexander Kaiser and Martin Ludwig Mayr are looking forward to your visit.

is also represented with a booth, see you!

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