Interim Management Project of the Year 2023 πŸ† GOiNTERIM was awarded again this year!

A milestone for customer benefit and corporate strength

The umbrella organization Deutsches Interim Management has rewarded our commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to emphasize the strengths and opportunities of companies with this award. It is a recognition that firmly establishes us as a leading provider of interim management services.

Project in the spotlight

“Recreating Value Together for Your Business Success”

Our award-winning project, entitled “
Recreating Value Together for Your Business Success
“, focused on the carve-out and restructuring of an international group of companies for a private equity firm.

The project was characterized by the following challenges, content and tasks:

Initial situation and challenges:

The initial situation was characterized by the acquisition of the company by a private equity company. Due to the measures taken during the coronavirus crisis and the untapped potential of the business model, the company had not generated the desired earnings. The aim of the acquisition was to initiate and actively support the necessary transformation processes in order to position the company as an independent and competitive business.

Contents and tasks:

The main tasks of the mandate were diverse. This included the definition and design of a CFO / CRO role model, the establishment and development of an extended finance organization, governance, transparency & control, carve-out management, setup & transformation, forecasting, budgeting & planning as well as ensuring operational continuity.

Challenges in detail:

The fragmentation of organizational structures, a lack of transparency and an unclear allocation of responsibilities made the initial situation more difficult. In addition, there was a high dependency on the quality and availability of the services of the previous parent company. The business model also had an investment, innovation and reform backlog, which made it difficult to adapt to changing market conditions.


The goals defined in the project were achieved. Significant cost savings were achieved in the first year and a solid basis for the company’s future development was created. The measures and implementation steps were precisely planned, developed and monitored from the outset. The company’s performance and ROI were increased by identifying and realizing growth potential, risks were significantly reduced and the competitive position improved sustainably.

This award-winning project reflects GOiNTERIM’s expertise and commitment to successfully mastering complex business challenges and creating sustainable added value for our clients. We are proud to have made our contribution to the successful development and transformation of companies.

Why choose GOiNTERIM?

  • Professional expertise: Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in interim management to understand and meet the specific requirements of your company.
  • Focus on customer value: The award confirms our commitment to delivering customer value beyond expectations and highlights our ability to create sustainable value for your business.
  • Transparency and communication: We emphasize clear communication and transparency throughout the project to ensure that you are always informed of progress.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and cooperation, which made this award possible in the first place. At GOiNTERIM, we remain committed to providing you with excellence in interim management.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and projects!


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