Interim Managing Director DACH

Interim Managing Director DACH

  • Role: Interim Managing Director
  • Company / Industry: Medical technology / Pharmaceutical industry
  • Country: DACH region
  • Other: Company is an international group of companies

The company is an international group of companies in the medical technology / pharmaceutical industry. They were looking for an interim manager who came from the industry and, most importantly, who had experience at the executive level in difficult times. The call went to GOiNTERIM, here are the key points of the project assignment.

What was the initial situation/challenge you faced?

The client’s DACH organization showed declining sales and revenue figures, EBIT was clearly negative. A clear sales strategy was not in place, and internal cooperation with the product development, quality assurance and production departments was clearly strained. As a result, central development projects were delayed and sales projects came to a standstill.

The call for management reinforcement became imperative.

Why did you bring the GOiNTERIM Manager on board?

The client’s board of directors was seeking a turnaround in the sales division. In addition, a sales and product strategy should be developed. “Tell us why we’re not succeeding and get us back on track,” were the words of the CEO. It was therefore a matter of increasing transparency with regard to success factors and commercial success.

What are the prerequisites for the GOiNTERIM Manager?

GOiNTERIM Manager Dr. Antonic was selected as an experienced expert in the performance triangle Restructuring-Sales-Life Sciences with profound track record. In addition, he was of explicit relevance as a connoisseur of the laboratory industry.

What were the goals / tasks of the project?

On the basis of a strategy development there should be an increase in sales. The turnaround was aimed at making EBIT positive. Furthermore, strategic projects should be advanced. The most important point was also an active and clear management and leadership of the team. There was a lot of catching up to do here. And especially in difficult times, leadership and leading by example are extremely important, and the Group Executive Board placed particular emphasis on this.

What success did the IM operation bring?

Sales up 15%, turnaround achieved, central sales projects successfully completed, geographical footprint broadened, central product development projects up and running.

But most importantly, the GOiNTERIM Manager was able to build a new leadership culture in the project. This new management has also been sustainably established among the company’s executives and thus lives on.

How did this development come about? What were the most important steps that GOiNTERIM Manager implemented?

The IM was consistent in defining and tracking goals. The internal atmospheric disturbances between individual executives of the company could thus be overcome. He worked with employees in a straightforward manner towards the goals set, and was able to bring to completion projects that had already dragged on for several years without success. His persistent nature brought the breakthrough. The decisive factor here was that the IM had a profound knowledge of sales, of the industry, but also of managing technical projects.

What successes / results would you highlight?

The most important goal was achieved: turnaround and sales increase (+15%). Furthermore, two strategic projects were launched and brought to a positive conclusion. A third strategic project (geographic footprint) was initiated and very well advanced with respect to the IM mission duration.

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