The interim management market is booming!

Highlights of the AIMP Study 2023

The umbrella organization of interim management providers in the D-A-CH region – AIMP – publishes the annual market study on the interim management market. Our Managing Director Martin Ludwig Mayr has been appointed as deputy… Chair of the AIMP responsible for the AIMP survey. He presented the main results at the AIMP annual congress. Here are the highlights Market Volume – Trends – Project Structures.

The interim market is booming
We are normally reluctant to make such bold statements. But the fact is that the market has grown from under EUR 2.0 billion to EUR 2.4 billion in 2022.

What is the composition of this? Several factors are decisive here. First, the number of interim managers is constantly at a high level. The main drivers of the market increase are the daily rate and the occupancy rate. The daily rate rose to its highest point ever, averaging 1,188. However, depending on the task and “degree of severity”, this varies from 800-2,300 EUR.

The occupancy rate is also pleasingly consistently high at 158 days per year. That means projects take longer, managers are in projects more.

In total, this reflects the positive market development.

This is clearly felt when filling mandates. “We have a manager market, it has become more difficult to find the right manager for a project, managers can virtually choose the projects,” Mayr said during his presentation.

New trends on project page

Interim management is becoming more of a management issue
At 56%, significantly more than half of interim projects are commissioned by management or the board of directors. This is also an indication that the majority of projects are at a strategic level and affect important areas of the company.

Consumer sector makes significant gains
The classic kingpins of automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, and ICT are down well below 50%. These were in almost 2/3 of the projects in 2021. In contrast, there has been a significant increase in interim use in the consumer sector, both food and non-food.

Medium-sized companies continue to rise
A trend seen in recent years will continue in 2022. Medium-sized companies are becoming the most important area where interim management is in demand. Demand for interim managers is up 15% year-on-year for companies with up to 1,000 employees. This makes it the largest area of application compared to corporate groups and large companies.

Change and restructuring in focus
The restructuring market was down during the pandemic years. In 2022, this market has again developed strongly. Interim projects in the area of change and restructuring have increased to almost half (46%) of the total market. The industry expects a further increase here in the future.

The TOP Topics for the Future

ESG / sustainability becomes a topic
This topic will be of central importance in the industry in the future. 60% of providers surveyed see an impact on projects and the market in the coming years. There is already a noticeable increase in projects with a direct link to this area.

Restructuring market THE THEME 2023
growth trend in 2022 will continue over the next few years. 2/3 see a growing impact for the interim management industry. We see the reason in the difficult conditions in the current economy (shortage of materials, inflation, crisis situations, Ukraine war). Companies need support here and the input of experienced managers in order to achieve the turnaround.

Crisis issues have a major impact
As already described above, the current crisis issues have a major impact on the economy and also on the interim management market. Demand for interim management is expected to increase.

The perennial topic of variable compensation – not sensible!
This is an ongoing issue, mostly on the part of customers and companies. Almost 80%, the vast majority, see little to no point in doing so. As important as variable compensation is for salaried managers. It has limited applicability for interim management use.

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