DDIM.REGIONAL // MUNICH – April 4, 2024

The next DDIM.regional // Munich will take place on Thursday, April 4, 2024 in cooperation with the IfUS Institut für Unternehmenssanierung. We cordially invite you as interim managers, provider representatives and interested parties to attend! Dr. M. Ludwig Mayr, Managing Director of GOiNTERIM, will guide you through the evening of the local event and lead the discussions and workshops.

In view of Germany’s shrinking economic growth, the persistently high number of corporate insolvencies and increasing job losses, the question arises as to whether a wave of restructuring is imminent. In such a phase, there could be good prospects for restructuring mandates for interim managers. As a restructuring or transformation expert, the interim manager can provide valuable impetus in such a situation and manage and help implement the change process.

Interim manager and DDIM member Eckhart Hörner-Marass will give an interesting keynote speech on his experiences and successes in managing restructuring projects. He will present his best practices and strategies based on a case study. In the subsequent panel discussion, we will delve deeper into the topics of the keynote speech and also incorporate questions from the audience. The high-caliber panel will be able to provide further insights and findings on the topic of restructuring and transformation from various perspectives. The participants in the panel discussion are:

  • Prof. Dr. Henning Werner /IFUS
  • Eva Ringelspacher / Financier/ Wieselhuber& Partner
  • Dr. Christoph Herbst / Anchor
  • Hörner-Marass / Redeveloper

We expect an interesting debate due to this diverse composition of the panel discussion and look forward to many insights and findings on different perspectives on the topic of restructuring and transformation.

This evening will be moderated by DDIM Board Member Christian Just and Martin Ludwig Mayr from GOiNTERIM, Associated DDIM Provider.

The event begins at 18:00 with a get-together with finger food, drinks and good conversation at the Interim Management Marketplace. DDIM insiders are familiar with the format and look forward to the personal exchange.

You can find more information via the following link: Program overview

GOiNTERIM will also be on site again at the market square. Talk to us about the current market situation, special developments and news about GOiNTERIM. We are very happy about the exchange!

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