Martin L. Mayr appointed as member of the top-class state prize jury

Martin L. Mayr appointed as member of the top-class state prize jury

The State Award Consulting “Management Consulting and IT” will be awarded this year by Federal Minister Mag. Dr. Martin Kocher , the ceremony will take place on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 during the IT and Consulting Day at the Vienna Hofburg.

We are pleased that you are a member of the top-class state award jury. It is an honor for us and for the State Prize! This is the statement in response to the selection made by our Managing Director Dr. M. Ludwig Mayr.

As an expert and consultant in the field of interim management and consulting for many years, Mr. Mayr was happy to take on this role. It is an honor and a challenge at the same time! “Many exciting projects are to be viewed and evaluated based on numerous criteria” said Mr. Mayr.

But it’s fun, it’s about our industry and the top projects from 2022. “I’m glad!”

The jury will judge the submissions based on five groups of criteria, which consist of sub-criteria.

The five criteria groups are:

Improvement of the economic efficiency for the CUSTOMER

  • Increase in sales/earnings
  • Process improvements
  • Productivity & efficiency gains
  • Organizational improvements

Strengthening the strategic position for the CUSTOMER

  • Securing & strengthening the company on the market
  • Improving innovative strength
  • Qualification of employees / personnel development
  • Development of new markets, new distribution channels, new target groups

Consulting quality and solution quality for you as a CONSULTANT

  • Creativity of the solution and methods
  • Satisfaction and acceptance internal / external
  • Documentation (comprehensibility, use, dissemination)
  • Implementation support and process monitoring

Consulting efficiency and solution efficiency for you as a CONSULTANT

  • Duration in man days / consulting costs in EURO
  • Subjective assessment of costs and benefits by the client
  • Feasibility and speed of implementation
  • Solution-related sustainability

Other for your client and for you as a CONSULTANT

  • Securing and creating jobs
  • International and national awards
  • Grants (received or submitted)
  • Sustainability, governance and social responsibility (long-term effects on the economy and society)
  • Export potential

Let’s be excited about the results, let’s celebrate together the winners of 2022!

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