Martin L. Mayr confirmed as Chairman of the Board DÖIM

Martin L. Mayr confirmed as Chairman of the Board DÖIM

In the General Assembly of June 2022, our Managing Director M. Ludwig Mayr was re-elected Chairman of the Board of DÖIM.

“We have a lot planned,” Mayr said, “continuing to invest in continuing education, networking events and international development.” Above all, it is important to network with the business community and with companies in order to further anchor interim management in the support of the business community.

In the report of the annual general meeting, Mayr presented the main thrusts for the coming years.

The topic of training and further education is to be pushed further. The interim management course, which is organized together with UBIT / Incite, is of central importance here. This course together with the certification as CIM Certified Interim Manager runs perfectly. Every year 2-3 courses are successfully conducted.

On the other hand, coordination with international partners is very important. This is a matter for the boss, so to speak, and Mayr takes care of it himself as president.

One of the DÖIM goals is the networking of the participants. Numerous events are planned here. Last year’s top event was a huge success with over 250 participants. “We will build on this and continue to hold exciting and interesting events,” says Mayr.

There is a range of offers specifically for members, these are to be promoted and further developed.

DÖIM is also a founding member of INIMA, the International Network of Interim Managers Association. Thus, the international anchoring and active participation in the development of interim management on an international level has been consolidated and successfully implemented. This is important because interim management is very international. This supports contacts, information and everything an interim manager needs “abroad”.

Mr. Mayr and his team Oliver Ladurner, Michael Stowasser and Dieter Puganigg is elected for another 3 years. You have a lot planned, we keep you up to date!

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