Positive development in the interim management market – utilization and fee volume at record levels

Positive development in the interim management market – utilization and fee volume at record levels

According to the DDIM forecast, the market volume will continue to grow significantly in 2023 and will reach record levels of over EUR 2.75 billion. The daily rates of DDIM interim managers are also developing favorably, with an increase in the average daily fee to 1,300 euros expected for the coming year. The range varies between 1,000 and 2,500 euros, depending on the task. The trend of rising daily rates has thus continued for many years. Compared to 2019, the last full calendar year before the pandemic, the current daily rate is around 1,256 euros, about 12 percent higher. “One reason for this is certainly the high workload of interim managers,” elaborates CEO Dr. Marei Strack. “We currently have a candidate market. Many managers are free to choose their mandates.”


  • Interim management market to grow to over €2.75 billion in 2023.
  • In 2022, utilization reaches 91 percent, with even more potential in 2023.
  • Daily rates develop positively and reflect the high level of quality.

At 91 percent, the utilization rate of the DDIM interim managers surveyed in 2022 was at a
All-time high. An increase is even expected for 2023. The availability of interim
managers in Germany is currently low, which poses a challenge for companies and intermediaries. Among the approximately 11,500 interim managers, finding a freelance manager is increasingly challenging for clients.

DDIM is also recording an increasing number of direct inquiries from companies that require support in filling management positions. The ongoing shortage of skilled labor, especially among managers, is a major contributor to this development. In order to bridge temporary bottlenecks in management positions or to be able to act quickly and flexibly in times of change, companies and especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly looking for highly qualified interim managers.

“We are pleased that the interim management market continues to grow and show a positive development,” says Dr. Marei Strack, Chairwoman of DDIM. “As an industry and business association for professional interim management, we see it as our task to bring companies and interim managers together, either directly or through professional mediation. We are proud that DDIM is perceived as a competent contact in the market.”

DDIM is the largest association for professional interim management in Germany and the contact point for interim managers, interim management providers and companies. This year, the annual survey on market development was conducted among more than 600 members (interim managers, self-employed executives and experts) and around 30 partners (interim management providers / intermediaries).

GOiNTERIM has not only been an associated partner of DDIM for years, but is also jointly responsible for the regional events in Munich.

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