Interim Director Supply Chain Management

Interim Director Supply Chain Management


An international group took over a competitor with 35,000 employees at the beginning of the year. The project’s operating company was one of these former production sites, where one of the challenges was the high rate of missing parts from purchased parts in production.


  • At the beginning of the year, the Group acquired a competitor with 35,000 employees worldwide
  • High rate of missing parts from purchased parts in production –> Increase in material availability
  • Company in a very strong transformation process and growth at the site
  • Implementation of the complete process landscape of the acquiring company –> PMI- Post-Merger-Implementation
  • Implementation of a strong supply chain organization (had been integrated into purchasing up to this point, or many required functions according to the supply chain organizational structure did not exist up to this point)
  • Strong change process in the supply chain area

Why was the GOiNTERIM manager brought on board?

  • Primarily to build up the supply chain area according to target processes.
  • In order to subsequently sustainably reduce the number of missing parts of purchased parts in production as quickly as possible.

What were the requirements for the GOiNTERIM Manager?

  • High team orientation & leadership
  • Strategic & structured approach for successful change
  • Extensive experience in building supply chain organizations (purchasing, logistics & manufacturing), international supplier management, process knowledge and experience in implementation of ERP and WMS tools.

Goals and objectives of the project:

  • The primary goal was to achieve a sustainable reduction of the missing parts rate by >70%.
  • In addition, the implementation of a supply chain organizational structure and the target processes according to requirements were on the agenda.

What were the most important steps that GOiNTERIM Manager implemented?

  • Extensive process and tools training
  • Implementation of a Supply Chain Delivery Performance Manager
  • Transparent control with targets and KPIs
  • Coaching (theme/meaning/feasibility)
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