Companywide GOiNTERIM works in accordance with essential values in all interim assignments and projects. These values are binding for all partners and interim managers. We hereby establish a common understanding and commitment to quality and secure sustaining the successful development of our customers.

Our values are:


Our first and foremost priority is the customer satisfaction. We react in a prompt and fast way to all customer inquiries.


In all interim assignments we focus on the quality of our work which has the highest priority. That means qualification of the interim managers as well as quality of procedure and quality of results.  


GOiNTERIM partners and interim managers are called whenever there are situations of highest sensibility and very challenging tasks. Therefore we are committed to moralities, ethics of the profession, a respectful communication and consideration of the cultural circumstances within the company and the acceptance of social and environmental responsibility.


Especially in special situations transparency is a central control lever. The GOiNTERIM partners and interim manages ensure from the very beginning a clear and high transparency in the interim assignments. The customers are at all times well informed about the project status, know the actual challenges and the necessary next steps and are aware about the impact and consequences of the various potential actions and decisions. We take care about a transparent project and transparency in the assignments.


Develop and strengthen trust within and outside the company is a main leadership task, which will be taken over by our managers. The increase in trust is related to all stakeholder of the interim assignment (customers, employees, suppliers, investors and banks, unions and works council ...).


We stand for results, service and implementation. For all our actions we take over the full responsibility from the very first second. Our competitive advantage is secured by a continuous improvement process and covers simplification of processes, acceleration of reaction and answer time, setting of challenging goals and the goal achievements for our customers.


GOiNTERIM is a team resp. a group of highly motivated, goal-oriented people on management level. We confess to build up the best interim management team on executive level.

A corporation

Mutually trust and communication is the core of our success in our interim projects. This is for sure also valid for GOiNTERIM. Our partnership demands and supports strong personal relationships with common goals. So we can achieve outstanding results for our customers.

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The search goes on - we are looking for you!

We are recruting Interim Manager of all industries and all functional areas!
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