Our Vision – GOiNTERIM® the Number 1 in Interim Management

In all our projects and doing we are guided through our vision, positioning and design of GOiNTERIM as the leading partnership of TOP executives and leaders.

Our vision is to build up an international TOP brand and TOP company in the field of interim management and to clearly differentiate from competitors through the qualified partner structure.

GOiNTERIM as the international specialist and known brand for real interim management

We follow this vision through strategic goals and tangible actions:

Satisfied customers

Our customer is always the first and most important objective! Every interim assignment is aligned to the achievement of the customers goals and his satisfaction. The success is being defined by the customer only.

Traceable results and success

Results and successes are the motivation of all our doing. All GOiNTERIM partners and interim managers have a proven track record of successes and results in different management positions and interim assignments.  

Clear positioning 

We have a clear and explicit understanding of interim management as a leadership and management service through senior executives on the first and second hierarchy and management level. 

GOiNTERIM has definite positioning on the TOP level resp. C-Level with 100% commitment to the highest quality.

GOiNTERIM has an explicit positioning on the so-called C-Level with 100% commitment to the highest quality. 

Generally accepted experts and managers

The GOiNTERIM partner and interim manager have several years leadership experience, an exceptional track record on management level and international experience in different entrepreneurial situations and business challenges.  This is being ensured through a selective selection process, through an integrated 4 eyes principle and through a quality assuring assignment management.

All sectors and industries

Through our core team of partners in the Partner.Room and the extended team of experienced interim managers in the Member.Room we do have experience in a broad range of sectors and industries. We can deliver qualified interim managers for all industries.  


GOiNTERIM actively takes over the role of the pioneer. A clear positioning on TOP management level, qualified partner and interim manager, several successful interim assignments and satisfied customers are prove of our pioneer role.

Development of interim management

Interim Management, the market and the scope of application are in a continuing alteration and change. This is a duty for our partnership. As an answer we have to advance and develop steadily. 

We support this necessity through cooperation with universities and training institutions, with partner programs in the area of interim management and restructuring / turn around and through a close connection to the scientific community combined with external lecturing and scientific publications.

International partnership

We define ourselves as an international partnership through international interim managers and international assignments. We enforce this international alignment with our cooperation to interim management companies abroad. We have therefore a broad network of international managers and can provide local and native manager in many areas.


Current Topics

The search goes on - we are looking for you! (Kopie 1)

We are recruting Interim Manager of all industries and all functional areas!
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Die Suche geht weiter! Wir suchen SIE! (Kopie 1)

Wir suchen erfahrene Interim Manager/Innen - aller BRANCHEN und aller FUNKTIONSBEREICHE!
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The search goes on - we are looking for you!

We are recruting Interim Manager of all industries and all functional areas!
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