Pharma / Medical Technology

Business Case – New communication strategy for Business Unit OEM including implementation as Interim Head of Marketing in medical technology

The management urgently needs a uniform presentation for the OEM division, which accounts for the largest share of sales. To date, there have been various uncoordinated presentations that focus on product technology and do not adequately emphasize the company’s strengths.

Business Case – Development of a campaign management for lead generation as an interim marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry

Marketing has been given a new area of responsibility and is responsible for generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in the sales funnel. Previously, this was managed by the sales team by acquiring new prospective customers in the traditional way via the sales force.

Interim Managing Director DACH

Medical technology / pharmaceutical industry
DACH region
International group of companies

The company’s DACH organization showed declining sales and revenue figures, and EBIT was clearly negative. A clear sales strategy was not in place, and internal cooperation with the product development, quality assurance and production departments was clearly strained.

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